Muslims kill Copts in Egypt - tourism in Egypt

اخر الاخبار

Muslims kill Copts in Egypt

The systematic persecution of Christian Copts began in Egypt with the arrival of former President Mohamed Anwar Sadat in the 1970s, using various means and methods to implement and perpetuate this persecution, which is being planned and carried out with strange determination by successive governments and regimes for more than 40 years, These include:
 The killing of Christian Copts in multiple massacres are pre-planned, and the fabrication of events and differences and rumors to justify these massacres in front of public opinion and internal world .. Burning, demolishing and looting churches, houses and shops of the Copts. forced expulsion of Copts from their villages and cities.  to the public, those taught in Egyptian schools and universities, and issuing fatwas that incite their murder, creations and the desecration of their blood, their symptoms and their money.Hundreds of Coptic men, women and children were abducted, tortured and killed. fabricating the accusation of contempt of Islam for the Copts and imprisoning them and signing heavy fines on them without any evidence, but enough to claim a person - or even a child - to prove the charge and imprison the accused Copts innocent and sentenced to the maximum penalties, which exceed and contravenes the provisions of Egyptian law .. ???
7marginalization of the Copts and their exclusion from jobs and important sites, especially in the police, army, universities, schools and local government, and the proportion of not more than half of the percentage of employment in these places, although the proportion of Copts in Egypt more than 10% .. This completely excluded Of the work in all the security and sovereign agencies and some departments in the Egyptian universities ..

As explained in the first part of this study, these systematic crimes - which fall under the category of organized crimes and crimes against humanity - are the artistic implementation of the Copts' fragmentation plan developed by the Muslim Brotherhood under the Empowerment Plan, which was seized in 1992 at Salsabil Computer Khairat al-Shater, the deputy leader of the group, in case No. 87 of 1992 known as the "Salsabil" case. This was acknowledged by Counselor Mamoun al-Hudaibi, the former leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. He explained the Brotherhood's plan to break up the Copts by saying: "Exercise psychological pressure, The mutant And Taha with the Copts

These systematic crimes, which began in the Sadat era and continued and escalated throughout the successive regimes under the rule of former President Hosni Mubarak and the Military Council and the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood and the current President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi - with the assistance and clear collusion of senior officials and state institutions in the Ministry of Interior And the State Security Investigations (National Security), the sovereign security agencies, the judiciary, the prosecution and the media. Many of these crimes took place under the eyes of the police and the Egyptian army.
This conspicuous and public collusion of all the organs of the state led to the absence of any verdict against the murderers, thieves and terrorists who were killed, massacred and represented by the bodies of the Copts, and burned and looted their churches and houses in hundreds of these crimes that have been carried out for more than 40 years now, To increase these crimes against the Copts seriously, and to "Expropriate the Copts" officially from all organs of the state

In the last three years alone, hundreds of Christian Copts have been kidnapped, tortured and killed, with the clear complicity of the police and all the Egyptian security services with the kidnappers of the Copts, known to the police and the security services and to the people whose sons were kidnapped and killed. To the perpetrators or to release the kidnapped in hundreds of these crimes ... But the torture of many Copts kidnapped to death - including small children - even after the payment of ransom to the kidnappers
The crimes of the kidnapping of hundreds of Christian Copts in Egypt, which has increased dangerously in the past period, in which the demand for ransom "impossibility" of the victims' families up to millions of pounds, are systematic crimes not aimed at obtaining money (ransom) only, To terrorize all Christian Copts in Egypt and their dispersion, to destroy them psychologically and physically, to terrorize them, to provoke fear and fear among them, and to collapse Coptic families, to force them to accept the payment of "tribute" - in their homeland! - or change their Christian religion and convert to Islam by force
The kidnapping and rape of hundreds of Coptic girls is also meant to force them to change their Christian faith, convert to Islam and marry Muslims.

It is strange that the kidnapping gangs of Copts in Egypt are posting pictures of their members on the net and Facebook and they carry automatic weapons and guns and heavy machine guns in Zhou and in full confidence .. Without any fear or fear of arrest or trial
Some of the pictures published by one of the gangs - who kidnapped and killed many Christian Copts in Egypt - are given to members of the gang carrying heavy weapons in public .... However, the members of this gang have not been arrested or investigated until today.