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اخر الاخبار

Iran: Armed attack on Shura

Iran's radio and television station confirmed that the shooting incident in the Iranian parliament (parliament) ended, noting the killing of all four attackers. She said security forces were searching the building to make sure it was free of any explosives.
An Iranian official said at least 12 people were killed and 39 injured on Wednesday in attacks on the Iranian Shura Council and the shrine of the leader of the Islamic revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini.
Iran's intelligence agency said Tehran's attacks were carried out by terrorist groups.
Earlier, state media reported on Wednesday that a suicide bomber blew himself up inside the Iranian parliament's Majlis (parliament) in Tehran.
The Tasnim news agency reported earlier that the clashes had moved completely to the west side of the Shura Council building.
Gunmen were deployed on the fifth and sixth floors of the Shura building, while snipers of the Iranian security forces were stationed in buildings adjacent to the council and opened fire on them.
The deputy commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Guards Brigadier General Hussein Salami, accompanied by Brigadier General Bakpur, commander of the Revolutionary Guards, and the commander of the popular mobilization forces Brigadier General Ghib Borro arrived at the Shura Council building.
The clashes intensified with the presence of journalists and lens cameras behind the trees and cars in the streets near the Council.
The prosecutor in Tehran recommended that all local and foreign journalists stay away from the site.
Other attacks thwarted
For its part, the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence announced the thwarting of another terrorist scheme, and called on citizens not to use public transport.
Following the attacks, Iranian Interior Minister Abdul Ridha Rahmani Fadhli ordered an emergency security meeting in Tehran.
The Iranian agency "Tasnim" earlier in the arrest of four hostages, and the arrest of two gunmen in the attack on the headquarters of the Iranian Shura Council.
On Wednesday morning, Iran witnessed two separate shootings, the first in Iran's parliament and the second at the tomb of Iran's revolutionary leader Ayatollah Khomeini.
Iranian intelligence announced that the attacks of the Shura Council and the Khomeini shrine were carried out by terrorist groups.

Suicide bomber attacks Khomeini shrine
In addition, a suicide attack took place at the Khomeini shrine in southern Iran, and several people were wounded.
Khomeini was the leader of the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979.
In detail, the Mehr news agency reported that one of the gunmen who attacked the shrine of Khomeini blew himself up, wounding a number of people. The agency said the gunmen stormed the shrine from the west.
According to the Labor News Agency (ILNA), for its part, 5 people were wounded by the shooting in the shrine.
For its part, Iranian television reported that security forces killed one of the attackers Khomeini's tomb, as well as the suicide, and arrested a woman who was among the gunmen.

"A person entered the Iranian parliament today and started firing at the guards," said the Fars agency through the Telegram application, wounding a guard in his leg and fleeing.
For its part, the agency "Tasnim" later, the death of the wounded guard, quoting the testimony of Iranian deputies.
The agency reported the arrest of the attacker, noting that his identity is still unknown and his motives.