Four Arab countries cut ties with Qatar - tourism in Egypt

اخر الاخبار

Four Arab countries cut ties with Qatar

Four Gulf states - Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen and Egypt and the government of eastern Libya - have cut off diplomatic ties with Qatar because of "interference in internal affairs and support for terrorism," according to official data.
Al-Jazeera quoted Qatar's foreign ministry as expressing regret over the decision by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain to sever diplomatic ties. "The proceedings are unjustified and based on baseless allegations and allegations," the ministry said.
Qatar's foreign ministry said the decisions were aimed at "placing Qatar under guardianship and violating the sovereignty of the Qatari state."
"The State of Qatar has been an active member of the Gulf Cooperation Council, committed to its Charter, respects the sovereignty of other countries, does not intervene in its internal affairs, and carries out its duties in the fight against terrorism. And extremism. "
The ministry said in a statement that "these measures taken against the State of Qatar will not affect the normal course of life of the citizens and residents of the country and that the Qatari government will take all necessary measures to ensure this and to thwart attempts to influence and harm the Qatari society and economy."
"The allegations made in the statements of severing the relations issued by the three countries represent an undisclosed effort that confirms the advance planning of media campaigns that included a lot of slander," the ministry said.
Emirates and UAE airlines said they would suspend their flights to and from Qatar from Tuesday morning until further notice.
The proceedings are unjustified and based on baseless allegations and allegations
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Qatar

What does the Egyptian-Qatari relationship mean?
The former Egyptian deputy foreign minister, Abdullah al-Ashaal, told the BBC that cutting off diplomatic relations meant turning diplomatic missions from embassies into interest-sponsoring missions.
The developments came amid escalating tension between the Gulf states following the publication of statements attributed to Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani last month, saying it was not wise to antagonize Iran and refused to escalate the dispute with them.
Although the Qatar News Agency issued a statement later denied the authenticity of the statements and said that its website was exposed to piracy, only the Saudi and UAE media launched a sharp attack on Qatar.
Official news agencies in those countries have published official statements on severing relations with the Qatari government.
The Egyptian government decided to sever diplomatic relations with the State of Qatar under the insistence of the Qatari government to take a hostile course to Egypt
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Egypt
"Threat to national security"
The Egyptian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that "the Egyptian government decided to cut diplomatic relations with the State of Qatar under the insistence of the Qatari government to take a hostile course to Egypt, and the failure of all attempts to dissuade him from supporting terrorist organizations, especially the organization of the terrorist brotherhood and harboring his leaders against them judicial verdicts. Terrorism operations against Egypt's security and safety, as well as Qatar's insistence on interfering in the internal affairs of Egypt and the countries of the region in a way that threatens Arab national security. "
"Serious violations"
"The government of Saudi Arabia, exercising its sovereign rights guaranteed by international law and protecting its national security from the dangers of terrorism and extremism, decided to sever diplomatic and consular relations with the State of Qatar and decided to close all land and sea ports," the official SPA news agency quoted a government source as saying. Air, and the prevention of transit in Saudi territory, airspace and territorial waters ", for reasons of Saudi national security.
Saudi Arabia has taken this decisive decision as a result of the serious violations committed by the authorities in Doha
Government source, Saudi Arabia
"Saudi Arabia has taken this decisive decision as a result of the serious and systematic violations committed by the authorities in Doha over the past years with the aim of creating the internal Saudi ranks, instigating the establishment of the state and undermining its sovereignty and embracing terrorist and sectarian groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, (Al-Qaeda) and supporting the activities of Iranian-backed terrorist groups in Qatif province of Saudi Arabia. "
"Attempts and Hostilities"
Bahrain has announced the severing of diplomatic relations with Qatar in order to preserve its national security and the withdrawal of the Bahraini diplomatic mission from Doha and to allow all members of the Qatari diplomatic mission to leave the country 48 hours to complete the necessary procedures. "He said.
Qatar Airways Qatar Airways Source: REUTERS
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The decision to cut ties has affected flights to and from Doha
Bahrain closed its airspace to air traffic and closed ports and territorial waters in front of shipping to and from Qatar within 24 hours of the announcement.
"The Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain prohibits citizens from traveling to or residing in Qatar. It regrets that Qatari nationals are not allowed to enter and pass through their territory. Qatari residents and visitors are given 14 days to leave the Kingdom to avoid any hostile attempts and activities that exploit the situation despite pride and confidence. High in our brothers from the people of Qatar and their hatred for their second country. "
"The government decided to cut off diplomatic relations with Qatar and prevent Qataris from entering the UAE and allow Qatari residents and visitors 14 days to leave the country for security reasons," the official UAE news agency said.
"Qatar's practices in dealing with the Huthi militias and supporting militant groups have become clear," the government said in a statement.
"There is no need for a solution," said Mohamed al-Dairi, minister of foreign affairs in the government of eastern Libya