Masked gunmen opened fire on the Copts as they headed to the monastery of Anba Samuel in Minya - tourism in Egypt

اخر الاخبار

Masked gunmen opened fire on the Copts as they headed to the monastery of Anba Samuel in Minya

At least 26 people, including children, were killed and 26 others, including many seriously injured, were wounded Friday in a shooting attack on Copts in Minya province in southern Egypt. A Coptic official said on Twitter that 35 people, including children They fell in the attack on the Copts of Minya.
This comes as Egyptian President  Abdelfattah Al-Sisi called for a mini-security meeting to discuss the repercussions of the Minya massacre, while the Interior Ministry used special forces to close the entrances and exits of Minya to prevent the escape of the militants.
Earlier, governor of Minya, Essam al-Badawi, reported that dozens of victims were killed and wounded in a shooting attack on  Copts in Minya governorate. Security forces surrounded all roads leading to the monastery of Anba Samuel in Minya.

Of the victims
Witnesses said that 10 masked gunmen, who were traveling in 3 cars, were shooting at the Copts heading for Deir al-Anba-Sammuel in the Minya Desert. They said the victims were in two buses and a truck.
They added that he survived three children who are currently present in the diocese of Maghagha and Adwa. They are Bishoy Milad Wasef, Fadi Wael Azar and Amir Wael Adel.

Minia Bus
Egyptian security sources said he was combing the Minya desert road to look for attackers, who used automatic rifles in the attack.
According to eyewitnesses, the fire was fired at two buses carrying Copts, the first bus that was carrying Copts on their way to the monastery, and the second was a quarter of a transport carrying 16 workers from two villages in Minya, adding that the fire took place in the " Samuel of Magagha.
According to an official of the security information center, "unknown persons in 3 vehicles of four-wheel drive fired indiscriminately at a bus carrying a number of Copts while walking through the Western Desert Road, the police station of the enemy .. Immediately moved security leaders to the scene of the incident and found the accident during the bus One of the sub-desert roads, heading to the monastery of Anba Samuel west of the city of Edwa .. Which resulted in the death of 26 citizens and wounding others .. The final numbers are being closed .. A security cordon was imposed in the region, and the security forces intensify their efforts to find out the circumstances of the incident and the seizure of the perpetrators.

Photos from inside Maghagha hospital for the victims of Minya Copts

A security source in Minya security department said that unknown persons opened fire on a car carrying a group of Copts who were on their way to visit the monastery on the western bank in Minya, who were coming from the neighboring province of Beni Suef, resulting in the deaths and injuries.
He added that the security director of Minya and security leaders in the province moved to the scene of the accident, as ambulances rushed  ambulances to transport the injured, and security forces cordoned off the area to look for the perpetrators, where some confirmed that the gunmen were riding motorcycles and fired heavily at the car.
For his part, a medical source at the hospital said that the hospital received a number of wounded in the incident varied injuries between light and critical, asserting that they are suffering from shrapnel and open wounds.
The attack comes a month and a half after attacks on two Coptic churches that killed 45 people and were adopted by the Da'ash organization.
In the meantime, the adviser, Nabil Sadiq, the Egyptian Attorney General, instructed the security services to quickly identify the perpetrators of the attack and decided to open an extensive investigation into the incident.
For his part, Dr. Ahmed al-Tayeb, Sheikh Al-Azhar, currently in Germany, condemned the incident and said that he does not accept a Muslim or a Christian, and aims to hit stability in Egypt. He called on Egyptians to unite in the face of this  brutal terrorism, while the Mufti of Egypt, Dr. Shawki Allam said that the perpetrators of the Minya attack violated all the teachings of Islam.