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اخر الاخبار

Assad: Syria chemical attack '100 percent fabrication'

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said a presumed compound weapons assault was a "creation" to legitimize a US military strike, AFP news organization revealed.

In his first meeting since the April 4 episode provoked a US voyage rocket assault on Syrian powers, Assad demanded his armed force surrendered the greater part of its concoction weapons three years back and that Syrian military power was not influenced by the US strike.

"Certainly, 100 percent for us, it's creation," Assad said of the toxic substance gas occurrence.

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"Our impression is that the West, for the most part the United States, is turn in glove with the fear based oppressors. They created the entire story with a specific end goal to have an appearance for the assault," included Assad, who has been in power for a long time.

Western pioneers including US President Donald Trump have blamed Assad for being behind a week ago's assault in the revolt held town Khan Sheikhoun, saying his powers unleashed a concoction weapon amid an air strike.

Assad said his strengths had not been decreased by the 59 US voyage rockets propelled at a Syrian airbase in Homs in striking back for what Trump called an "exceptionally brutal" assault.

"Our capability, our capacity to assault the fear based oppressors, hasn't been influenced by this strike," Assad said.

The compound assault slaughtered no less than 87 individuals, including numerous kids, and pictures of the dead and of casualties experiencing gas harming incited worldwide shock.

At the season of the occurrence Syria precluded any utilization from securing concoction weapons, and Moscow said the passings had been the consequence of a traditional strike hitting a revolt arms warehouse containing "dangerous substances".

Be that as it may, in his most recent meeting, Assad demanded it was "not clear" regardless of whether an assault on Khan Sheikhoun had even happened.