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Jean-Claude Van Damme Reveals Surprising New Project

Activity film star Jean-Claude Van Damme is entering the advanced world with another, amazing undertaking that may stun fans more than a sudden leg-strike to the noggin. The 56-year-old on-screen character and hand to hand fighting master worked together with Los Angeles-based generation organization Automatik to make his new VanDammemoji, an arrangement of more than 160 entertaining emojis displayed after Van Damme's energy for physical wellness, his notable outward appearances, and his adored screen exhibitions.

"I have been a fanatic of Jean-Claude Van Damme since youth, so this cooperation is a respect," said Brian Kavanaugh-Jones, an accomplice at Automatik, in an official discharge. "Our No. 1 objective was to guarantee that the detail of each emoji, especially his facial and body similarity, and additionally the recreation of his moves, was impeccable."

From his famous roundhouse kick to the stomach-churching scene in "Hard Target" where he gnaws off a poisonous snake's tail (beneath), Van Damme's fans will discover a toon to coordinate their each temperament, and to help communicate in writings and tweets.

In any case, what does the Van Damme need to say in regards to his most recent venture? Fox News Magazine scored the points of interest from Van Damme himself, alongside the one cheat feast he can never oppose and his most interesting experience with a fan:

FNM: What provoked you to dispatch your own emojis?

JCVD: I thought it was an awesome thought to give individuals the chance to "Van Damme" their messages. Are they fun, as well as a cool approach to inspire and challenge your companions.

FNM: What was it like creating emojis that particularly coordinated your renowned moves and outward appearances?

JCVD: By being an indispensable piece of the inventive procedure nearby the advancement group, it was incredible to team up and witness the development of the VanDammemojis as they sprung up. It was likewise truly amusing to brainstorm diverse genuine expressions and represents that spoke to me while transforming them into an emoji design.

FNM: I know it might be hard to pick only one, however which is your most loved emoji from the gathering?

JCVD: I really have two top choices; the roundhouse kick, for clear reasons, and the emoji of me doing a split on two tigers since I have such an energy and liking for creatures.

FNM: What exhortation would you be able to provide for us on how we can get "Van Damme" fit for 2017?

JCVD: Since each individual merits wellness exhortation customized to their exceptional weight situation and metabolic needs, I'd like everybody to be vigilant for my new arrangement of preparing recordings that will focus on a wide assortment of body sorts and needs, destined to be distributed on my site. By taking after the recordings, these will absolutely get anybody "Van Damme" fit in 2017.

FNM: The VanDammemoji even contain a couple nourishment emojis. What's the one nourishment the "Muscles from Brussels" can never stand up to?

JCVD: Believe it or not, cherry pie … hold the cream. Simply the hull and fruits!

FNM: I'm certain you've had numerous, yet which has been your most amusing experience with a fan?

JCVD: While going for work, a movement officer at the airplane terminal remembered me. He left the stall and did a split directly before me. From that point forward, he strolled again into his stall, checked and stamped my travel permit. That was truly amusing.

FNM: Who are the performing artists that motivate you?

JCVD: many people have motivated me for the duration of my life. Bruce Lee, Al Pacino, and Leonardo DiCaprio, just to give some examples. Every one of them had or have something extraordinary to offer!

FNM: What might you say is your most loved film ever?

JCVD: The motion picture "Lawrence of Arabia" with Peter O'Toole affected me when I was a tyke. It was perfectly made and the story truly touched me.

FNM: Now that your emojis are out, what can fans anticipate from you in 2017?

JCVD: To commence the New Year, I'll at first be centered around making a motion picture with a submarine included, and after that I'll be changing apparatuses to focus on the taping of scenes for my Amazon arrangement "Jean-Claude Van Johnson." After that … possibly another