Learn three most dangerous hackers in the Arab world, including Egyptian - tourism in Egypt

اخر الاخبار

Learn three most dangerous hackers in the Arab world, including Egyptian

Hamza bin Edge

is Algerian nationality and is considered one of the most dangerous hacker who are in the world, was arrested in Thailand in 2013, after a long search for 3 years of Investigation Interpol.

It was of the most serious hacker wanted by the United States, and was deported to the United States some of the arrested. In Thailand by the FBI.

The piracy Hamza Ali 217 Bank by piracy, and the looting of banks Hawwaa $ 4 billion, including the deployment of nearly 280 million dollars on some charities , mostly in Palestine and some are in poor African countries.

It also has control over nearly 8,000 French site and Oglgahm fully, and slapping on some European consulates sites and distributed visas free of charge to young Algerians to travel to Europe.

The class Hamza of the most dangerous hacker because of the leading sites riddled were among sites of the Israeli government, which then made the deployment of Israel 's planned towards Palestine, and despite Israel 's offer his mediation with the United States to release him in exchange for immunization Zionist sites sensitive but he refused and preferred to stay in prison.

As for the punishment he received Hamza Vtdharepett rumors about that, but some media reported that the penalty amounted to a death sentence and it has been implementing the provision, but the US ambassador in Algiers John Bolachik has denied the rumors about the execution of the Algerian hacker Hamza bin Dlaj, stressing that the crimes where the accused Hamza is not punishable by death, and the sentence of imprisonment is the maximum prosecuted by hackers.

"Cyber-Terrorist hacker Saudi"

is a hacker Saudi nationality by his nickname «Cyber Terrorist», is one of the most popular and powerful Arab hackers, has the title of Bakahr Jews to penetrate many of the specialized security and protection and computer systems , such as Microsoft and Casper global positioning, and succeeded in penetrating many of the banks ' websites and large companies as well as the Danish painter site , which offended the Prophet, has died of a severe asthma attack in April 2012.

"hacker Egyptian" Dr.Silent Hill

is a hacker Dr. Celent Is it stronger hackers in Egypt , which belongs to the team ".Hacker Egypt team"

where the in 2009 hacked more than 100 sale and purchase of an Israeli site has been the impact of this hack economically on Israel.

He also has done a crackdown on the Danish sites were able to penetrate more than 200 million US site because of the state of Denmark Maflth of insulting the Prophet, and it was also a specialist in penetration porn sites.