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اخر الاخبار

City of Constantine (Algeria)

Algerian city of Constantine is an exceptional city, at the level of the entire world. It is the capital of the east Algerian city of "suspension scaffolds" where the developed Ckrtin Mrtftin, related piece Ksentinih more than eight hanging spans. Constantine and far from the White Sea drift around 80 kilometers and a populace of more than 450,000 and is the capital of Constantine Province.

Constantine additionally highlights science and culture, a social renaissance of contemporary Algerian focus, which is known for being a city of workmanship and lines of expressive legitimate Andalusian "in vogue." Constantine and spread in customary enterprises, for example, conventional pots and metal collectibles weaving.

Constantine old and long history, where the social occasion of Amazigh tribe, and before them the Phoenicians, then the Carthaginians, then the Numidians and after that the Romans, Byzantines Islamic run the show. In the tenth century AD, and their pertinence to the Arab tribes of Bani Hilal, Arab Vtjdhirt them. Alksentinih has gotten a considerable measure of outcasts after the fall of Andalusia. Exceptionally Constantine has thrived in the period of the Ottomans.

Constantine brought forth them and propelled various acclaimed essayists, including Algeria Alraahlan Kateb Yacine and Malek Haddad and author Tahar flew. Constantine is likewise a wellspring of motivation for writer Ahlam Mosteghanemi, which occurred many parts of the occasions of her books, particularly the principal novel «body memory» Constantine, and return Mosteghanemi family resources for Constantine.

Constantine wonderful visitor points of interest in the bleeding edge of the seven scaffolds or curves. The extensions, seven are: Bridge entryway Qantara, the most established scaffolds (1792); Bridge, Mr. Rashid, the most elevated stone scaffold on the planet; Bridge sir M'Cid (1912) and is likewise called the extension pundit, the most astounding scaffolds Constantine; boatman (connect press); Bridge similitude sheep; fiend's extension; extension and waterfalls.

Notwithstanding the scaffolds are situated in Constantine other visitor focuses, chiefly in the Arab Islamic old city, which is renowned for its thin back streets and Rahbat and famous markets, for example, "wide fleece," and "open magnificence" who move to private markets for garments. There are additionally in Constantine imperative building milestones, for example, the Palace of Ahmed Bey, who spared endeavors by the French destruction; Constantine is likewise an exhibition hall one critical city points of interest. Notwithstanding this there is the local theater, which goes back to the nineteenth century, and set the dead landmark des morts (1934), a memory of the dead of France in the First World War, and at first glance you can see a scene incredible for the city of Constantine, and the statue of triumph that appears like a fowl remarkably prepared to fly.

Constantine is portrayed by an environment that is extremely dry and icy in the winter, it was snowing, which is hot in the mid year thus the best circumstances to visit Constantine is the spring until early summer.

It is popular mosques mosque Constantine the Great Mosque, which was implicit the time of state Zirid the year 1136, and was based on the vestiges of the sanctuary

Roman question approach the Arab Benmehidi Currently, remote designed changed as a consequence of rebuilding, including Arabic works engraved on its dividers. There is a mosque turning market, which was appointed by Hasan Bey in 1730 AD and turned the military initiative

French to Cathedral remained so until he came back to his source, and the Green Mosque Sidi, who was authorized by the Bey Hassan Bin Hussein in 1743 and there are alongside the mosque burial ground incorporates a few graves, including the grave of Hasan Bey. There is additionally an authority, Sir straw colored in the Square "market age", and was implicit 1776 and by the family tomb of Salah Bey; there Emir Abdelkader mosque, one of the biggest mosques in North Africa, where the stature of minarets 107 meters high vault 64 meters high, Regarded by numerous as one of the curios made by man in the present time, as indicated by the Levantine style Andalusian