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Floating islands (Austria)

Floating islands in Austria

Famous city of Austria that there are many different attractions which can be visited during a tourist trip in the State of Austria as they contain many islands and cities that have a long history in addition to technological civilization you saw tourism in Austria now, which has made the construction of a modern tourist civilization and compete ancient civilization which makes it one of the most suitable countries for tourism and is considered state of Austria contain a lot of pleasures that wish had a lot of tourists from various countries of the entire world and is the State that is not coastal, where they do not look down on any sea or ocean, where they are found in the middle of a continent Central Europe, but the advantage over the Danube colored and which passes a lot of other European tourist countries among which are Germany, Ukraine, Portugal and others, but for the city of both Gnfort it is one of the most beautiful cities in the state of Curtin and it also is considered the capital key to the state Curtin and that is one of the most important tourist States that exist in the State of Austria, and it is worth mentioning also that the city both Gnvru there are close to the international border between the State of Austria and the southern region of the famous mountain range in the Alps, and of the most beautiful sights look tourist and that we're talking about today is the floating islands in the State of Austria, which is an industrial island has been manufactured on the human hands and they have the appearance of a wonderful, breathtaking properties and its individual
Mernsl Island:
And considered Mernsl Island is one of the most important and largest floating tourist islands and picturesque, and that can be had in the State of Austria, where it is also worth noting that this island floating is an industrial island has also been the use of metal steel in the entire industry as well as the use of glass by and by also known this man-made island that they found in the bitter River, where they are connecting the dots between the city and the river bitter, because the river Murr passage within Graz, which city is the city Department to cities small and so it has been making these floating island picturesque river Murr where the link between the two cities to be Graz famous city, and it is worth mentioning also that it has been built and the construction of this island on the designs of the hand of the American artist who was born in New York veto Okonak famous as it has done by adding many of the curved tracks and twisted roads there are on the island with professionalism and skill, which makes this island one of the most beautiful and the greatest man-made islands in the world and the most beautiful cultural attractions that delight children when they visit, and adults too, and it is worth mentioning that this island appears from a distance to the body shell half open and it is showing great beauty, where a predominantly blue color, which is inspired by the color of the sea and wave color and it is known that this island has many seats and councils, which can be used for concerts and festivals on the island of all kinds and sizes.

Mernsl Island

It is worth mentioning also that this island can be seen from the bottom of the river bitter water surface to show the glass dome own and which is characterized by blue and overlapping Bonoarha with white lighting too, and it is known that there is a large cafe where you can sit by and eat many cold drinks and hot, but we recommend that you drink coffee, where the city can monitor and charming water and is lit to reflect the island and moving and swaying while drinking this delicious Austrian coffee and appetite