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Tourist Attractions in Alexandria

Alexander the Great established it. Ruler Cleopatra lorded over it. Alexandria's introduction to the world and early history is a calling card of well known names. This was the Mediterranean's amazing gem of a city; home to the Great Library of Alexandria and the enormous Pharos Lighthouse  one of the seven marvels of the antiquated world. In later times, from the late nineteenth century up until the 1950s, Alexandria was something of a bohemian awful kid, with a sparkling cast of scholars, artists, and craftsmen who made the city their home. More than whatever other huge city in Egypt, Alexandria has a sentimental days-passed by air that can't be beaten and that history sweethearts shouldn't miss

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A rethinking of Alexandria's old Great Library, this beautifully outlined social focus contains a large group of historical centers and additionally one of the cutting edge world's most goal-oriented libraries. Its design - a goliath sun plate
directs the waterfront Corniche, while inside, a gigantic perusing room can hold eight million volumes. Beneath the fundamental library, guests can investigate a scope of perfectly curated shows. The Manuscript Museum with its sublime accumulation of old messages and scrolls and the Antiquities Museum with its Graeco-Roman artifacts and statuary found amid submerged investigation in the harbor are the two prime attractions. In any case, there are likewise pivoting workmanship presentations, a changeless Egyptian society craftsmanship accumulation, and a Science Museum and Planetarium that are pointed soundly at kids.

Area: Corniche, Shatby

 Alexandria National Museum

Alexandria's National Museum is an absolute necessity stop on the off chance that you need to get to holds with the incomprehensible history of this really popular city. Inside, the accumulation guides you from the Pharaonic time (in the cellar), to the Hellenistic prime when Alexandria and Egypt were represented by the Ptolemy tradition started by Alexander the Great (on the ground floor), and up to the Byzantine and Islamic periods (on the first floor). And additionally the presentations, statuary, and relics uncovered in and around the city (counting finds from submerged investigations in the range seaward), there are fantastic guide drawings that envision what the traditional city of Alexandria would have resembled, which truly helps guests comprehend the changing face of this city
Address: Tariq al-Horreya Street
3 Fort Qaitbey
Fortification Qaitbey
Fortification Qaitbey

Walk the long shorefront Corniche street traveling west, and you'll at last touch base at Fort Qaitbey. It might be a poor substitute for what was at one time the site of the strong Pharos Lighthouse - one of the seven miracles of the antiquated world - however this squat and dinky stronghold has been standing gatekeeper over Alexandria's eastern harbor since 1480. The Pharos itself said farewell to Alexandria in 1303 when it was toppled by a vicious seismic tremor. Stronghold Qaitbey was worked by Mamluke Sultan Qaitbey with an end goal to invigorate this critical Egyptian port from assault, and rubble from the toppled beacon was utilized as a part of its development. Inside, you can investigate the arrangement of stone-walled chambers and move up to the rooftop to watch out over the Mediterranean