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اخر الاخبار

Museum and Mosque Aya Sofya (Turkey)

"Hagia Sophia" signifies "Sacred Wisdom"

Guest will see after entering the gallery cooler spot and high dampness and will feel the stunningness of

The sacredness of the spot and greatness of development, you will discover distinctive races and from all nations on the planet come keeping in mind the end goal to come to the Aya Sofya and religious union there. When you visit Istanbul, the primary developments that must be gone to are the Aya Sofya it deserving of examination and survey.

The minute will come where the Museum Square will feel stunningness and glory of Aya Sofya

Corridor from within

Among thick trees in the Turkish city of Istanbul, the Dome of the «Hagia Sophia» good tall neglecting the Bosphorus, head-butting minarets mists, battling the relating six minarets at the Blue Mosque. Stand dividers columns of red dreary italics Lord, conveying the seat of a considerable measure of stories and books, starting from the snapshot of its initiation as a congregation, and Tahedmha more than once smoldered, passing age, which changed over to a mosque and increments were incurred was made, and the end of their ebb and flow state as an exhibition hall observer to the historical backdrop of the district pulls in guests and visitors from around the globe consistently, having around current Turkey's author Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in 1935 into a gallery including several Islamic fortunes and Christian inestimable

Hagia Sophia Basilica into a mosque into an exhibition hall

Exhibition hall and Aya Sofia Mosque against the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Fatih region in the European part of the city and is viewed as a standout amongst the most vital chronicled mosques in Istanbul and the most established in Turkey and back story of the congregation to the year 532 AD when the Byzantine sovereign Justinian started to manufacture the congregation in Istanbul and took the congregation acclaims around five years and Ali the life span of the building was Aya Sofya church for a long time and later a mosque for a long time and at the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the establishing of the cutting edge Turkish state, transforming the site into a historical center in

The entrance to the fundamental working of nine entryways. The arch of the mosque, up to 55.6 meters and 32 meters in width and sits vault on four mainstays of a tallness of 24.3 meters each. Segment covers Yemen mosque Stones white marble separated from the marble stones of marble extricated from the syphilis of the city of Afyon town Qarahasar stones removed from green Alsomaguil Tislaa and Mora Islands either square banishes from Egypt and yellow marble from Algeria. Entire surface secured with stones and mosaic dividers of the mosque secured with shaded stones and Kashi Alverwora or porcelain. The arranged works on the dividers of Hmaalmabdaltarue been arranged by the Ottoman calligraphers

Graveyards and graves of the sultans, grade school, a waterfall and bathing taps, Moqtin room, minarets, the outer struts, the Treasury fabricating, the place of poor people, the hero School

The inward segment contains the

Focal vault of Hagia Sophia, works of art, drawings, mosaics, canvases lines in the Aya Sofya, the tiles in the Aya Sofya, the mihrab, the platform, the Sultan room, the muezzin room, Mahmud I library, marble jugs, Wishlist segment, Gate Emperor 'and some different areas

The call to petition in the Aya Sofya surprisingly following 78 years

This has ears to keep the Aya Sofya when Nhoelha into a historical center until 2012, where the call to supplication in the Aya Sofya interestingly following 78 years of avoidance thus on the commemoration day of the triumph of Istanbul