اخر الاخبار


The Open Air Museum at Memphis is one of the "must see" locales in Egypt! The trek from Cairo just takes 45 minutes, it is just 20Km toward the south, and the extra charge is 21LE.


Established in the first Dynasty (3100 B.C) by King Narmar, Memphis was the capital of Ancient Egypt, and the main capital city established after the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt. It stayed as the capital of Ancient Egypt all through the Old Kingdom. As a result of the numerous necropolises connected with Memphis, numerous Egyptologists trust that it was at one time a to a great degree vast city, however no archeological proof demonstrates this, at present!

The name of Memphis is gotten from the Ancient Egyptian name called Min-Nefer, which the Greeks later called Memphis. Today it is the area of a nearby town called Mit Rahina. Uncovering, of the site of Memphis, has proceeded throughout the previous 200 years


The nearby God of Memphis was called Ptah, who was the God of creation and laborers, and he was worshiped with his significant other, the Goddess Sekhmet and their child, the God Nefer-Tom

Not a lot stays from old Memphis, with the exception of a few landmarks from the New Kingdom and later periods. Adjacent Sakkara (and in addition Dashur and others) was connected with Memphis, as it was the site of one its numerous necropolises

Today, in Memphis, you will see an outdoors Museum, which amongst different curios displays a limestone monster of King Ramses IImemphis

(a huge statue cut in limestone, which is around 10m (33.8 ft) long, despite the fact that it has no feet!) and a goliath alabaster Sphinx, weighting more than 80 tons, which once remained outside the monstrous sanctuary of the God Ptah. There are likewise stays of stone statues, of Ramses II, and rock pine boxes and memorial tablets from later periods