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اخر الاخبار

The Montazah gardens and palaces(Alexandria)

The Montaza Complex is situated at the Eastern edge of the city of Alexandria on the north bank of Egypt. The mind boggling, which size reaches around 360 section of land, abroad an inlet that was called Al Montaza Gulf

The complex contains five shorelines for swimming: Aida, Cleopatra, Vanessa, Semiramis, and the private shoreline of Helnan Palestine Hotel

A wide range of ocean action should be possible in Montaza. One can ride an ocean pontoon and take a ride around the complex or you can go waterskiing too, plunging, snorkeling, or even simply relax before the ocean
The historical backdrop of the complex

In the year 1892, Abbas Helmy II, the last Khedive of Egypt and Sudan, used to like riding stallions and jackasses on the shores and in the areas of Alexandria with some of his companions like Ahmed Shafiq Pasha. They used to begin their rides from Sidi Bisher, an area in the west of the city of Alexandria today and afterward they move to better places of the gem of the Mediterranean.

In one summer night, Helmy requested his men to get ready 80 jackasses for his ride in

Alexandria. This is other than the Khedive Music band that comprised of 48 music players and their instruments. When they came to Sidi Bisher, a gathering of Bedouins heard the music and when they realized that the Khedive is among the ride they came and welcomed him and chased after him


The Khedive Helmy II cherished a range close Sidi Bisher as a result of the scenes of the ocean there and due to the very and intriguing environment of this area. He even went again to view this range all the more unmistakably and he went to a particular detect that is situated between two eminences and has a little island to its North, and from this minute Helmy chose to have this spot as his late spring habitation and chose to construct a castle and a few greenery enclosures there

On the highest point of one of these eminences, there were old standards that retreat to the rule of Mohamed Ali who put them there to ensure the North Coast of Egypt and the city of Alexandria. These ordinances are still at the same spot till today and Helmy fabricated the Salamlek Palace before it

The other greatness' top contained an inside for coast protects and the Khedive purchased it shape the legislature and manufactured the Haramlek Palace there

Helmy II likewise purchased the place of Sinadino, a rich Alexandrian tradesman and added the area to his complex and he purchased a great deal of grounds from individuals living in the zone to extend the space of his late spring resort. The Khedive took after the development of the two royal residences himself and he named the entire complex, the Montazah, or the patio nursery, a name that was recommended to him by Mahmoud Shokry Pasha, the leader of the Turkish Divan in Egypt

After the demise of Abbas Helmy II, the imperial family kept dealing with the Montazah complex until the rule of the last lord of Egypt, Farouk I. at that point, the Egyptian transformation of 1952 occurred and the Palace was claimed by the administration which opened the greenery enclosures for open and the Salamlek Palace was changed into an exhibition hall until it was added to the presidential royal residences which serve as a facilitating place for the president's guests

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The patio nursery of Al Montazah which is 3000 meters wide contains a tremendous choice of trees and plants and some of them are entirely uncommon. A portion of the tropical plants are still fit as a fiddle in spite of the fact that they have been planted over 75 years prior. The plant gathering in Montazah incorporates: Catania, enormous boots, Zamia, Carlota, and uncommon sorts of palms. This is other than the huge size plants like Anthurium, Hokiry, Araliaceae, Victoria, and Ropilia.

This is the main inn which was worked inside one of the imperial royal residences that its proprietorship was changed to the administration after the Egyptian insurgency in 1952. It stands just before the present day beacon of Al Montazah

The lodging was worked because of the requests of the previous Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser to have the main Arab Summit which was gone to by all the Arab president and rulers of the time. A while later, the lodging turned into the living arrangement of the greater part of the rulers, rulers, presidents, and critical figures who visit Egypt. The inn even facilitated the guests of Egypt at the occasion of the terrific opening of the new Library of Alexandria. The rundown incorporated, the French president jack Shirak, Sofia the Queen of Spain, and the Queen Rania the spouse of the ruler of Jordon. The lodging is the most loved summer spot for some of Egypt's craftsmen and creators also

The lodging contains 233 rooms and every one of them have ocean or greenery enclosure sees. It likewise has 20 suites, two regal suites, and a manor which consumes the entire room of the 6th floor of the lodging and it is reasonable for substantial families and gatherings. The manor contains 6 rooms, uncommon private kitchen, and a major banquet room