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اخر الاخبار

the city of Nuweiba

The little creating town of Nuweiba is found 465 kilometers far from the Suez; it is suited in an extraordinary position between the two urban communities of Dahab toward the South and 85 kilometers far from Taba toward the North

Nuweiba is likewise situated only inverse to the Jordanian port of Aqaba the reason that made Nuweiba an imperative Egyptian port in the Gulf of Al Aqaba. This is the motivation behind why the city has a huge business significance as it is a standout amongst the most essential Egyptian entryways to the Arab world and Asia

Close to the Nuweiba Port, you can purchase a great deal of items that are without obligation. The normal port zone is brimming with shops and grocery stores, where one may locate a decent can hope for items and products that are not accessible in Nuweiba Town

The word Nuweiba implies the springing water in old Arabic and the town held that name due to the numerous water wells that are spread everywhere on its territory. The name of the town was additionally taken from the château of Nuweiba worked by the Egyptians in 1893 as a police guarding point for this zone of South Sinai. The palace contained crisp water well inside its dividers and various stone hovels where the groups of the policemen used to live. This manor is presently situated in the territory called Nuweiba El Trabeen

The historical backdrop of the town backtracks to when it was utilized as a resting and a meeting point for journey trips from Africa to Mecca and back.


Nuweiba has a region that is around 5097 kilometers where a considerable measure of touristic attractions were assembled, for example, inns, eateries, and jumping focuses which made the town an imperative touristic goal that is much less expensive than different resorts in Sinai like Sharm El Sheik or Taba

The town is additionally not quite the same as some other city in Sinai due to the Bedioun homes that are as yet living in the city giving it a novel environment as a result of the exceptional propensities and lives of the Sinai Bediouns. The way of life which countless and visitors adoration to make the most of their time in

The significant exercises for voyagers and Egyptians in Nuweiba are plunging, snorkeling, going in safari excursions, or relaxing on the delightful shorelines

It doesn't have any kind of effect on the off chance that you are an expert jumper or a fledgling since you will discover the plunging spot that suits you in Nuweiba. The city is likewise well known for its outstanding coral reefs that you can never discover anyplace else around the globe. Individual and gathering jumpers can make the most of their most loved game with four prepared plunging focuses in Nuweiba

Rent a four by four auto or ride a camel and go investigate the insider facts of the desert in Nuweiba. You can go visit the numerous close by water wells and drink sound new mineral water. You can appreciate superb Yuga sessions in the heart of the mountains in an encompassing that you could never at any point falsifier

A considerable measure touristic workplaces in Nuweiba arrange overnight treks, escorted by an aide, where you can appreciate the desert and its supreme climate in the morning and afterward appreciate hip twirling, oriental appear, and Bedouin sustenance and barbecue around evening time

In spite of the fact that, Nuweiba was not all that renowned among sightseers, as Sharm El Sheik and Dahab, the city certainly has an alluring future with a great deal of new inns and jumping fixates opening on the city

The town has another significance for the living arrangement of the governorate of South Sinai as it has every one of the courts of the governorate

Most vital touristic destinations in Nuweiba and around it

Pharos Island

It is found 60 kilometers toward the North of Nuweiba and 7 kilometers toward the South of Taba and it is popular for two reasons. The primary reason is its particular area supervising the Gulf of Al Aqaba from all its bearing survey the grounds of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Taba in Egypt

The second motivation behind why this island is especially essential is the Fort of Saladin that he based on this island in 1170 AD which is viewed as a design germ and it was utilized to safeguard Egypt against the crusaders. The stronghold contains awesome untouched external and inward dividers and various control towers. The island additionally has a little port for pontoons to take vacationers to and from the island.

The ensured territory of Nabq

Found around center route amongst Nuweiba and Taba, the secured zone of Nabq is popular for its untamed life which is brimming with creatures, uncommon rodents and reptiles, and a ton of moving winged animals that take mangrove trees as their homes. One day treks to this ensured region can be sorted out by numerous touristic workplaces

The ensured zone of Abu Galum

This ensured zone is situated amongst Taba and Nuweiba and it has an extraordinary geography and a coordinated ecological framework that contains a blend of desert, mountain, and valley situations. This is other than a wonderful setting that is loaded with uncommon shaded fish and coral reefs

The zone has a tremendous choice of creatures, winged animals, and uncommon plants that are not discovered anyplace else but rather Abu Galum. There are likewise stunning jumping spots particularly for experts with some plunging areas that are more than 100 meters profound

One day trips from Nuweiba can likewise be sorted out to the urban areas Dahab, Sharm El Sheik, and Taba. You can go for a one day trek to Saint Catharine to visit the well known old religious community and a portion of alternate landmarks situated around it like Serabit El Khadem

Nuweiba Hotels

The Swisscare Nuweiba Resort Hotel lies on a lovely, private sandy shoreline between the magnificent striking piles of Sinai and the shimmering clear oceans of the Gulf of Aqaba. With just 48 suites, five eateries and bars, a stunning swimming pool, the extensive shoreline and rock cultivates, this basic and unassuming little resort lodging has been planned particularly for visitors looking for spotless and agreeable settlement, fabulous sustenance and administration, and an astoundingly delightful, tranquil and most unwinding environment

Habiba Village A pleasantly set up town on the shoreline, in strolling separation to the town focus

Regina Nuweiba Is situated in the focal point of Nuweiba at the tip of the Gulf of Aqaba 3 Km from the harbor, 65 Km from Taba airplane terminal confronting an all encompassing perspective of the ocean and the wonderful Mountains

Coral Hilton Nuweiba An extensive calm inn set on a lovely shoreline on the Red Sea disregarding the mountains of Sinai and Saudi Arabia out there. The Resort is in a perfect world arranged to visit the inside of the Sinai or join an outing to Jordan