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اخر الاخبار

El-Geniza Synagogue, El-Yaho church

In the Encyclopedia Britannica, a Synagogue is portrayed as "A supplication place for the Jews

In old Greek it signifies: "The typical spot where the Jews amass to get religious lessons and to love" Some of these Temples were manufactured near a wellspring of water, as much with respect to insurance from any assault, not only for ablution!ben ezra synagogue

The Synagogue of Ben Ezra was initially named El-Shamieen Church, and is arranged behind the "hanging church". The Synagogue once had an old duplicate of the Old Testament, and it was said that Ezra the Prophet (Al-Azir) had composed it.

It is trusted that the site of the Synagogue where the case of Baby Moses was found.

The Ben Ezra Synagogue was initially a Christian church that the Copts needed to offer, to the Jews, in 882A.D with a specific end goal to pay the yearly expenses forced by the Muslim leaders of the time, and thusly Abraham Ben Ezra, who originated from Jerusalem amid the rule of Ahmed Ibn Tulun, purchased the congregation for the entirety of 20,000 dinars.

ben ezra

As the centuries progressed, the Synagogue got broad rebuilding efforts and redesigns until it achieved its present state. The present building goes back to 1892; the first one had gave way and another one was manufactured, resounding it.

A portrayal of the Synagogue

It is implicit the state of a basilica (rectangle), comprising of 2 stories; the first devoted for the men while the second is committed for the ladies. The passageway is arranged on the north side. be ezra

The first floor

It is rectangular fit as a fiddle, measuring 17m long and 11.3m wide. It is separated into 3 sections, the biggest being the center one (4.75 m in width); these parts are isolated by steel bars painted in a marble-like shading

There is a stage situated before the asylum, where the rabbi stands to peruse the Torah. The lector stage is fit as a fiddle and is made of marble. A copper wall is arranged on the eighth side of the stage, where the Torah, and its rolls, is refreshed. There is a commemoration Stella situated before the stage. Amidst this Stella is a top part comprising of 2 semi-curves carried on 3 columns, with a tallness of 85cm. there are 2 rooms on every side of the Holy Ark on the first floor