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اخر الاخبار

Cairo Tower (Cairo)

Cairo Tower (sometimes called: «Tower island») is a tower located in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, was built between 1956 and 1961 of reinforced concrete on the Egyptian lotus flower design, design engineer Noam Shabib, is located in the heart of Cairo on the island of Zamalek Nile River
Height of up to 187 meters higher than the Great Pyramid in Giza, about 43 meters. There on the top of the Cairo Tower tourist restaurant on the rotating platform rotates the pioneers of the restaurant to see Cairo landmarks from all sides.
The most prominent of which it is located on the island of Cairo Tower District, which is an architectural masterpiece built by the Egyptians at the Pharaonic lotus flower shape originally a symbol of civilization, which is the focus of world tourists Cairo landmarks. It consists of 16 floors and stands on a base of granite stones Aswani that have already been used by the ancient Egyptians to build their temples and tombs In these days we note the increasing number of tourists who go to visit the tower and climb to the roof, which overlooks the whole and especially Arab tourists who increasingly on coming to Egypt in Cairo this days and take a trip inside the elevator tower to reach the end of 45 seconds to see when you stand on the whole panorama of the summit to Cairo, the pyramids, the TV building, the Sphinx, the Nile, the Citadel of Saladin, al-Azhar feel as you look at the magnifying glass you are visiting Egypt as a whole in a single moment, it is not this is only but can be for the family to deal with Gdaha in a restaurant tower on 14 floor and at an altitude of 160 meters left ring the restaurant, which revolves around a fulcrum Cairo to see with your family at the restaurant, which includes 19 table accommodates each of the five individuals, also found in the 15 cafeteria floor overhead you can deal with the juices and drinks and enjoy seeing Cairo from top
Cairo Tower was built in the era of President Gamal Abdel Nasser and built for six million Egyptian pounds at the time the United States has given to Egypt in order to influence the position in favor of the Algerian case against the French occupation. And this military historian Gamal Hammad says, when he was building the tower had two names Valomercan named it «a thorn Abdel Nasser», and the Egyptians have named it «stop Roosevelt» - was not the tallest tower in the world at that time, but it comes after the Eiffel Tower - but six million did not fool the eyes of President Nasser to change his attitude toward the Arab issues and refused to even devotes to spend on infrastructure in Egypt despite the need for the country at the time of this amount, but Abdel Nasser wanted to build a building remains a note of the prominent with time knows Egyptians dignity, even if they are in the most need although the amount carried Hassan Thami who was at the time the post of Presidential Advisor the amount in a bag handed to the president after returning from a visit to the United States, which were not our relationship with them has worsened under the name of helping the heads of friendly states but rejected Abdel Nasser whatever its name here is now visited by Arab tourists, 
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