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اخر الاخبار

Baron Palace (Cairo)

Nobleman Empain Palace, an exceptional design artful culmination of its kind worked by the Belgian tycoon Baron Edouard Empain (September 20, 1852 - July 22, 1929), and who came to Egypt from India toward the end of the nineteenth century, soon after the opening of the Suez Canal,
Royal residence is situated in the heart of Cairo's Heliopolis region, particularly in Arabism Street on the fundamental street prompting Cairo International Airport, the castle likewise directs the Ibn Battuta and Ibn Jubair Street and Hassan Sadeq
Toward the end of the nineteenth century, especially following quite a long while of the opening of the Suez Canal, docked on the waterway next huge boat from India Beach, was ready this boat mogul Belgian named Edward Empain, was "Edward Empain" holds the title of Baron has given him the lord of France in acknowledgment for his endeavors in the foundation of the Paris Metro, where he was "Empain" engineer remarkable, were not a side interest, "Edward Empain" the main ones to raise cash, it has been enthusiastic globetrotters always, so they set off his cash incalculable to most nations on the planet, traveled to Mexico and after that to Brazil, and from South America to Africa, where he stayed with a ton of ventures in Congo and made a fortune, and the heart of the mainland flew east to the place that is known for enchantment and excellence. India and began to look all starry eyed at the Belgian tycoon Middle
Empain and Egypt
Old picture royal residence
Arrived Baron "Empain" to Cairo, was dispatched days after the fact, offers gram in the heart of the Belgian tycoon. Egypt and affection the man to the point of franticness and took the critical choice to stay in Egypt until his passing. He wrote in his will to be covered in the dust of Egypt, despite the fact that he passed away abroad
It was regular to the individuals who took such a choice be looking to him for the seat of lasting home in the spot, which I cherish. The weirdest thing is the decision of Baron "Empain" to put in the desert, close Cairo.
The possibility of ​​the royal residence building
Back the possibility of ​​building the royal residence to Baron Empain displayed to the Egyptian government's concept of ​​creating an area in the desert east of Cairo and picked his name (Heliopolis) any city of the sun and purchased Baron section of land only one pound, where the region was inadequate in offices and transport benefits, and even Baron can draw in individuals to the new his neighborhood thought to make Metro is as yet working as of not long ago, and take the city name Heliopolis Metro as Belgian architect Andre Brchillo who was working at the time with the Paris Metro organization makes a metro line was appointed interfaces the area or in new Cairo city, likewise started to build up homes Belgian-style exemplary expansion to vast tracts of wonderful gardens, and constructed a tremendous inn is the antiquated Heliopolis Hotel, which as of late joined to the presidential royal residences in Egypt
Nobleman chose to set up the Palace, was a royal residence legend, and is outlined so as not to dismiss the sun, where the intercession of all Hjrath and Rdhath, a standout amongst the most sumptuous castles in Egypt by any means, and incorporates Baron room royal residence, a work of art exemplifies how grapes period to swing to liquor, then drink it by the Romanian conventions the succession of wine in the headers, which is brought on by liquor in Harbhe heads.
Enlivened from the Angkor Wat sanctuary in Cambodia
The Hindu sanctuaries of Orissa. Outlined by French designer Alexandre Marcel Alexandre Marcel adornment Jorge Luis Claude Georges Louis Claude, development was finished in 1911.
Royal residence Description
Interface royal residence
The royal residence is arranged on 12.5 thousand square meters [3] which was roused from the Angkor Wat sanctuary in Cambodia and the sanctuaries of Orissa, Hindu, Fsharvat Foreign royal residence mounted statues of Indian elephants, ivory is spreading at home and abroad, and the windows here and there with statues of Indian and Buddhist, yet inside the castle was the expression historical center highlighting collectibles and statues of gold and platinum, as there is inside the royal residence old archeological hour is said to be unmatched, yet at the Royal Buckingham Palace in London demonstrates the time in minutes and hours and days and months and years to clear up parts of the moon changes and temperatures.

Royal residence inside a little size, it is of close to two stories and offers 7 lodges as it were. The primary floor is an expansive parlor and three rooms two of them for the accommodation and the third utilized by Baron Empain Ksalh to play pool, while the upper floor comprises of four spaces for dozing and restroom for every augmentation by the chamber. The floor of the royal residence are secured with marble and parquet, and the storm (cellar) was doing kitchens and carports and lodges workers

Royal residence floors are made of marble and unique marble were transported in from Italy, Belgium, and design topping passage statues of elephants likewise spread on outside dividers of the royal residence and the windows on the Arabic style, which highlights statues and relics uncommon made with pinpoint exactness from gold, platinum, bronze, dissimilar to the Buddhas and the incredible winged serpent.

The castle comprises of two stories and a cellar (storm cellar), a substantial tower based on the left side comprises of a four-story winding staircase connecting show perspectives wooden marble, and on the bumper (Sur) stairs engravings of plates finished with bronze statues of Indian model minutes

The castle has been intended to make the sun does not set for Hjrath and Rdhath never utilized as a part of its development alabaster, marble and Italian glass Belgian gem which is seen from within both abroad and has a tower turns on a portable base complete cycle each hour to permit the individuals who sit by to watch Mahola in all patterns, and it was the last floor of the royal residence is a most loved spot of Baron Empain to address the tea at the season of the nightfall was around the royal residence yard garden with blossoms and plants are uncommon and there is a passage interfacing the royal residence and the royal residence church antiquated "basilica church" in yet.
to begin with floor
The ground floor comprises of colossal exhibitions contain countless and overhangs. In the corridor table partitioned assumed responsibility of Michelangelo and Da Vinci, Rembrandt and download each edge of the four corners of the segment conveys a high statue made of valuable Indian statues
The storm cellar (storm cellar), fitted with wide sheets, and convenience for workers, an immense broilers, sinks and marble relate chamber room eating by means of lift in an exceptionally extravagance made of walnut

On the dividers of the corridor table assumed responsibility of Michelangelo, and Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt and floors storerooms of parquet, and every room has its own restroom dividers are secured with tiles made of mosaic blue hues orange and red in shading flawless arrangements
The staircase is enriched with marble balustrade highlighting statues of Indian-made little exact workmanship and let us go up to the second floor, which comprises of an extensive parlor and 4 rooms each with its own particular lavatory, which secured with tiles of the mosaic
second floor
The second floor of the castle, contains a few expansive rooms disregarding the lanes of four royal residence where the royal residence supervises Arabism and Ibn Battuta and Ibn Jubair and Hassan Sadeq Street. In these rooms have overhangs secured with bright mosaics land, and there are all turned gallery seats on the off chance that one sat on any of them, encompassed by statues on every side.
Surface castle
The fabulous royal residence rooftop, it was more similar to a recreation center utilized as a part of a few shows held by the Baron, and the dividers of the surface of the plant and creature pixie objects expenses, and move to by step made of wood lavish roses, it was more similar to Bkafitria was with extensive tables and dividers were surface brightened with flower and creature.
Statues in the royal residence brought Baron Empain from India, where various Tmathil Knights made of white marble with a Roman-like components of the Knights of the Greek and Roman times. There are in the hands of each of them a sword and a disjoined head under his foot, and in addition statues of artists come to play developments look like ballet artists developments and also statues of elephants scattered on the runways and in the castle overhang entryways painted themes antiquated Greeks made a moment and this made her perspective of extraordinary magnificence

The royal residence after the demise of Baron

Le palais hindou du noble Empaim (Heliopolis, Le Caire) 

The Baron Empain kicked the bucket on July 22, 1929 and since that date the royal residence presented to the danger of disregard for a long time, and turned its patio nurseries, which was singing one day to the remnants, and the castle got to be forsaken. Royal residence then presented to the danger of disregard for a long time, and that the patio nurseries transformed into remnants and the scattering of acquired endeavors and attempted to purchase the castle and contribute, that the Egyptian government has taken a choice to attach to the tourism segment and the Egyptian, which Bacherta procedure of remaking and reclamation in which impacts in the trust of transforming it into an exhibition hall or an Egyptian presidential royal residences

The castle has been open just a couple times the first run through when he put the gatekeeper on the Belgian assets in Egypt in 1961

The watchman entered the boards to stock its substance, and the second time when his salary Hussein Fahmi and artist Shadia to depict the outlaw film

Furthermore, the third time when shooting a tune for the vocalist Mohammed sweet a video cut and the fourth has been unlawful since as a result of the end nonstop weave individuals around him a great deal of anecdotal stories, including that it has turned into an asylum for devils, which focused on youngsters to construct a show loud finished criminal case possessed the Egyptian general assessment in 1997. the opening for the fifth time when he entered the royal residence Ahmed Helmy and Menna Shalabi in the motion picture sorry for the impediment. And in addition wage Mohamed Saad's shoot a few scenes of his motion picture Mpehdlh my life and you can see a portion of the scenes in the new film furthermore when shooting a video 
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