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اخر الاخبار

Umm Kulthum Museum (Cairo)

Umm Kulthum Museum region of ​​250 m 2, which is one of the structures in Manesterly Palace. Not open authoritatively on December 28, 2001

The substance of the exhibition hall
atrinh containing glasses celebrated Umm Kulthum, an eatery Bolmaz free, and there are other atrinh the ornament, which she wore on her dresses in a large portion of her tunes, It is bow molded and Mttam free Bermaz
 Oadadolab glass of garments, in which eight dresses in a decent and considerable rundown to elucidate the request of every dress. Sang him a well used in motion pictures and shows, and the dress seventh in your whole Mttam free Balloly
Oadhaپanurama a few photos of the most essential shots Umm Kulthum time captured for quite a long time in her movies Alcinmaalmbarh, it demonstrates the saint by them in the photos. The most well known movies dinars, security, Dad, Fatima, Aida
atrinh the most imperative honors and decorations got by Oum Kalthoum in her life:
Nile of President Gamal Abdel Nasser jewelry
The National Order of the Cedar of Lebanon First Class
Syrian Order of Merit
Sam and scholarly skill of Morocco
Request of Excellence Alپackstany
Sam Syndicate of Lebanese artists
Decoration of the Order of the Republic of Tunisia
Request of Merit and neckband from Egypt
Decoration week outfitting the Egyptian military in 1955
The way to the city of Tanta
A substantial Gramavon or more the speaker, gave him Heyzmastr ڤoas Umm Kulthum organization, and the organization recorded a 15 chamber of uncommon CDs for most the melodies of Umm Kulthum and present in the historical center 12 barrel of barrels atrinh where sacks Wade Ohuzeih Umm Kulthum made of crocodile skin or ordinary skin, and in addition a dedicatory bunch photograph on the divider
Lobby left the edges in substantial presentation, floated by a receiver Mehdi her Egyptian radio was sung Om Kalthoum melodies Listen to the radio
Oadhaokatr ڤatrinh and from that point the line Wade Songs composed for creators, for example, Crazy Frog and Laila Abdel Fattah Mustafa and you Omri Ahmed Shafiq Kamel, this the evenings of George Jrdaq, love like that Mahmoud perm and Tunisian Ahmed Ramy
A library containing 100 volumes of the Egyptian Ajeranal distributed by magazines and from 1924 to 2000. Is additionally a vast number from Rasayel Almaچstar for a large portion of the understudies in the division 
Aghanna E at the Academy of Arts and the Institute of Arabic music  Indicating Cinema Hall