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اخر الاخبار

The Sphinx (Giza)

The Sphinx is a statue of a legendary animal body of a lion and a human head was cut from limestone, it is likely that he was initially covered with mortar and painted, and the impacts of the first hues still be seen close to one ear
Situated on the Giza Plateau on the west bank of the Nile in Giza, Egypt, the Sphinx is additionally the gatekeeper of the level. It is the most seasoned known extensive models, a length of around 73.5 meters, including 15 meters along the legs front legs, and width of 19.3 meters, and its most noteworthy height over the ground around 20 meters to the highest point of the head. He trusted that the old Egyptians had worked in the rule of the pharaoh Khafre (2558-2532 BC), the manufacturer of the second pyramid at Giza
The leader of the Sphinx
It is trusted that the Sphinx was a quarry before King Khafre thinks about his figure as a statue, seen this statue toward the east, so you may have changed the first on-screen characters in the most recent century to the agreement perspective of the Sphinx
Sentiments have shifted as spoken to by this statue, the old conclusion that it speaks to King Khafre convenience consolidating quality of the lion and the shrewdness of man. A few archeologists trust that King Cheops is constructed where the substance of the Sphinx-like statue of Khufu, (not take after statues of Khafre). Truth be told, the subject of who is the manufacturer of the Sphinx still open to look
It is said that it speaks to the sun god "Hor-Em-Agt," The confirmation of this sanctuary, which confronts the statue where she was experiencing a religious custom. This has been immovably in the psyches of Egyptians all through their history, where they saw the statue of the god "Hor-Em-Agt," (ie Horus not too far off), a photo of the god Atum biggest Egyptian divine beings, a sun at dusk. More than the lord of the Pharaohs has gone by and etching on the event of the visit of them (Re-touching) the second in Cairo or Ramses II. Furthermore, King Tutankhamun, who lived beside the Sphinx break. Lord Ramses II was before Tutankhamun as the tissue Tutankhamun is Amenhotep IV who changed his name to Akhenaten when he called for unification of the divine beings under the name of the god Aten its code is the sun plate was not that religion proceeds to old Egypt and finished with his demise, where he opposed the clerics of the god Amon , whose love it was normal in Egypt and was the focal point of his sanctuaries in Luxor. He was gone to by Roman Emperor Septimius Severus
The statue had a long nose, yet the statue has his nose and a width of 1 meter, and there are bits of gossip as yet coursing says that the nose has been crushed by ordnance Napoleon's fighters. In different bits of gossip denouncing the British Ooualemmalak or others. Yet, the expenses, which were made adventurer Danish Frederick Lewis Norden Sphinx in 1737 AD and distributed in 1755 in his book "Voyage to Egypt and Nubia" depicts the statue without nose, and this is steady with the saw Egyptologist Dr. Muhannad Abu Hadid
Maqrizi has demonstrated that the nose of the Sphinx Hishmha spiritualist fasting age who lived beside this icon, who was seen as the blessing of individuals take a gander at the time, and discussed Ali Pasha Mubarak in his arrangements of trade off.. [2
There are different conclusions to clarify it
That the children of lords, pharaohs Cano contend in bows and arrows
Disintegration might be the reason
It is said to mostly without nose
Yet, all speculations concurred that the fundamental reason is that the nose was the weakest point in the 
Through the ages secured with sand Sphinx, which evacuated him a few times, was recorded months the way toward expelling the "fantasy load up" before the Sphinx, which is straightforwardly putting the pharaoh Thutmose IV (1400-1390 BC) and depict the guarantee he got in a fantasy that he would get to be top dog if the expulsion of sand around the Sphinx, before they climb the honored position of Egypt in 1401 BC

Board dream, shaped model of gypsum found in the Egyptian Museum in San Jose

Board or the Sphinx board dream list in the arms of the Sphinx of rectangular formed upper edge bended, with a stature of 144 cm painting and show 40 cm and a thickness of 70 cm. Also, it finds in its upper section two structures cut shafts of Pharaoh Tuthmosis IV to one side and to one side gives Qrabena to the Sphinx
It has outside archeologists to take Qualba of the plate and prepared them Qualba of gypsum to decipher and translate what the hieroglyphic written work and drawings, there is one of those artistic creations that look like the first without bounds in the Museum of London
Different types of the Sphinx
The Sphinx was enlivened by old and new specialists until we discover some of which likewise made amid the nineteenth century in Europe, especially in Italy and France when he started eminence Egyptian human advancement spread all through Europe and America. Be that as it may, antiquated Egyptians were making comparable Tmathila Sphinx in littler sizes, and for instance has set a few statues on either side of the street between the Temple of Karnak and Luxor Temple. Be that as it may, the heads of rams, headings and body lion's body and take the status of the Sphinx, and this is the way the alleged "street of rams." Sometimes they sphinxes little produced glorification of rulers, for example, a statue of the Pharaohs exists in Fayoum, another statue speaks to Queen Hatshepsut
There are a few statues of Egyptian Ali Sphinx structure speaking to lords and divine forces of the sun, frequently Maicon face of the statue unshaven facial hair conventional Egyptian plaited as animals and thoughts comparative in a few different human advancements, including South and Southeast Asia have risen, and possessed the Sphinx place in the craft of European brightening started Renaissance