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اخر الاخبار

The pyramids of Saqqara (Cairo)

The Egyptian pyramids of the most grounded images of antiquated Egyptian human advancement, as the history that the greater part of the Egyptian pyramids were worked amid the Old Kingdom and the Middle Kingdom on account of the old Egyptians in the West Bank of the Nile River, and the more drawn out the place where there is Almetin as indicated by their confidence
At the point when looking at exchanging the Egyptian pyramids, the eyes are the Pyramids of Giza, which is based on a pyramid structure, situated on the Giza Plateau in Giza on the west bank of the Nile River.
Furthermore, fabricated approximately 25 centuries back BC, somewhere around 2480 and 2550 BC. They incorporate three of the pyramids are Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure. With respect to what we are doing now amid a voyage through «Riyadh» he Saqqara pyramids that are infrequently gone to by Arab sightseers since it is situated in the northwest Saqqara, the old city of Memphis in Egypt, and the spot is a long way from the excitement and shopping places
Saqqara pyramid
The pyramid of Zoser, or what is known as pyramid of Saqqara step pyramid or (kbhw-ntrw in the Egyptian) is an archeological instructor Bjbanh Saqqara northwest old city of Memphis in Egypt, worked amid the 27th century BC for the internment of Pharaoh Djoser, worked by him and his priest Imhotep. The specialist and the specialist Omanb is the essential draftsman of the wide range memorial service in the yard of the pyramid and the encompasses of the stately structures

It comprises of the primary Egyptian pyramid of six patios based on top of each other to speak to a huge improvement in the configuration of the graves in that time, which was just Bmstabh one, with a high pyramid of Djoser 62 meters (203 I do), with a base range of ​​109 × 125 m (358 × 410 feet), and was secured with cleaned white limestone, and is viewed as the initial step pyramid stone structure at the time
Riyadh explore
Amid the «Riyadh» visit in the primary pyramids in history site went with the representatives «Riyadh» visit guide Iman Laithi on a voyage through the pyramids, «Zoser» or «Saqqara», says our aide: been investigating the pyramid of Saqqara complex without precedent for 1921, where the Consul General German Heinrich von Muotola in relationship with the Italian modeler «Girollano Sajato» analyzed him and found the passage, and they found in the inside ways on the remaining parts of the mummy of a skull secured with gold and the soles of the feet Mguetatin likewise in gold, and I think «iPhone Manotola« they have a place with the mummy of Djoser. It so happened that «iPhone Manotola« got a command from the German Emperor and the endorsement of Mohammed Ali Pasha, the leader of Egypt at the time, consent to bring those impacts with a scope of different impacts to Germany, however the boat and called the boat Gottfried sank in view of a serious sea tempest close to the Port of Hamburg in Germany, and it lost just about all that she had to the impacts of, and it worked out that what he discovered «iPhone Manotola in the hallways of the Step pyramid were not just to other mummy and set in the burial ground later in the old Testament
Influenced by quakes
Furthermore, uncovered to us Laithi: How influenced first pyramid history, a seismic tremor happened in 1992 and the effect of the pyramid structure and prompted the fall of the parts of his memorial service, the burial service city in the Saqqara site is a piece of a funerary locales, where beforehand picked Zoser city morgue at Saqqara for the foundation of his tomb, and the spot of compound pyramid close to the tombs of the pharaohs of the second family, in particular: «Hotepsekhemwy or Raneb Looney Nther», and close to the graves of scaffold Director and porches time of the primary family
The pool was not by any means absent it has found the old tombs known serene graves in the northern complex territory, and the advancement of building progressive runway from the porches, and the pyramid complex emerges immediately, yet presented an auxiliary distinctive ways and funerary southern Egypt and north of, was the mind boggling crest of the structures in that Covenant where he built up the tombs of the pharaohs of the first and second families some of which were found in Abydos in the south of the nation. It speaks to a stage pyramid and structures promptly to the grave of a merger between the structure and the structures of the valley, and the way toward outlining the tombs of Saqqara from the period of the second family, which was as underground passageways and secured them with stones be worked for a large portion of the hallways in the pyramid of Zoser complex
Religious convictions
What's more, take the pyramid itself a structure designer «First of the hill» which enters in the religious convictions of the antiquated Egyptians, as the type of the slope likewise taken in the development of porches Saqqara, for instance, we find in the deck S 3507 in Saqqara graveyard in Tel structure, and in the terraced S 3038 structure Tel runway of stones, researchers trust that the patio included S 3038 worked by the pharaoh Den is the model picked by the «Zoser» of the pyramid, with a major distinction in size and tallness, the pyramid complex «Zoser» is the biggest complex in the Pyramids of Egypt. What's more, going to the pyramids of Saqqara saw endeavors started to revamp the pyramid Zoser» Saqqara  since 2006 furthermore said the agreement has accommodated the end of rebuilding work in 2008 yet it is as yet going so far as seen going to framework still rise the stature from that point forward and even now, where prevent  
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