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اخر الاخبار

Pyramid Menkaure (Giza)

King Menkaure and his wife
In the wake of going to the pyramid of Khafre we go to the pyramid of Menkaure or a considerable measure more youthful than the extent of the pyramid of Khafre and Khoo Fu
Egypt has been sentenced nineteen of what (from 2480 to 2462 BC), the child of the King (Khafre) and fifth Pharaohs of the Fourth Dynasty
Also, cancel the length of every side of the pyramid 108 meters base and was stature of the first 66 meters and a tallness of Allan 62 meters and the slant point 51 degrees down from the pyramid indoor part with a layer of stones, rock, yet at the same time an expansive piece of Xah rock persevering through the base of the pyramid and the stones is level and cleaned recommending that these stones put in this spot when they left the quarries to be settled and tweak and after that set up the building, yet the passing of (Mancao - ra) anticipated culmination
Pyramid passageway as regular from the northern side and ascends around four meters from the surface prompts a bearish hallway edge slant of 26 degrees length of around 31 meters and the dividers and top of stone started from the passage until it achieves the stone (level) and leads the hall to passage Avqywalzy thus prompts a little room and after this load proceed with hall until it achieves the extensive second load called the flat mate upper them void, Lido that he implied it to be the first entombment load and evacuated 6.85-meter length of 3.80 meters width 4 meters high have discovered this room is a piece of a wooden composed ark of the name (Mancao - ra) with a portion of the dermal bones and these parts saved so far in the British Museum
Be that as it may, it appears that the state of the pyramid plan has been altered after that. In the upper piece of this room is no opening prompting the passage last closures the center of the pyramid and the floor of this room, we discover a passageway secured in stones of rock is moving towards the west to the stepping stool down to a little space toward the west to discover the internment chamber, the tremendous rooftop vaulted dividers of stone which is amidst the pyramid totally
We found the Ark of the King (Mancao - Ra) in the entombment chamber, which is made of basalt, was a pyramid (Mancao-Ra) is the main pyramid in Giza Pyramids, which contains a pine box beautified with was its dividers enhanced sections that enhance the passage to the castles body was moved and dispatched in a boat England to archeological learning (office) who found the passageway to the pyramid in 1837, however an extreme tempest overflowed the boat to the banks of Spain and sank with the box 
The pyramid is open for visit

Pyramid of Menkaure
Menkaure pyramid is littler pyramids of the Giza Plateau and has a stature of around 66 meters or 216 feet. It has been based on the edge of the slanting level. Also, finished Shepseskaf, the successor to King Menkaure
The base was initially 108.5 meters or 355.8 sq. Ft. Yet, the consequence of the quarrying of the stone to be utilized for different purposes, it has turned into the length of the sides of the base is around 102.2 meters × 104.6 meters or 335.2 feet × 343.1 feet above ocean perspectives at a point 51 degrees
The lower classes have secured ten of the pyramid pieces of pink stone. The entombment chamber was cut in the absolute bottom of the pyramid can be gotten to through the northern passage along an incline. Another incline passageway likewise chop down the principal hallway
The entombment chamber was shut by three Sedat rock or stone molds, which were brought down into vertical spaces cut into the dividers. Inside room has been utilized as a store and the other was the internment chamber and it has Jmalone rooftop. The dividers are secured with rock pieces
It has been discovered basalt sarcophagus in a break in the floor at a profundity of forty one centimeter or sixteen feet. In any case, this sarcophagus sank in the ocean while being transported to England in 1838 AD. What's more, holds the British Museum in London top molded box of King Menkaure dermal yet it is not the first cover, which was found in the internment chamber
It was worked as a funeral home sanctuary and the sanctuaries of the valley and the more responsible option prompting two of the couple of value block and stone
Stature 66 m
Length 108 m 
Show 108 m

 And we meet in the next article for the third pyramid (Khafre) I hope that you like it