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اخر الاخبار

Pharaonic Village (in Cairo)

Pharaonic Village: The possibility of ​​a dream Pharaonic Village, where the considered d/Hassan Ragab in the work of a living historical center highlighting genuine individuals wearing the outfits of Pharaonic and typify the antiquated Egyptian life. Thus in 1974 the begin of D/Hassan Ragab change Jacob's Island to the extremely demonstrate compatibility Egyptians for the life of the people of yore, and was the initial step is the development of about five thousand trees around the town to obstruct the cutting edge appearance of Cairo and was early those trees willow, sycamore, palm Balah and had been voyaging everywhere to get on his way from the interesting plants and creatures, and in the accompanying six years, started d/Rajab in the development of plants in the Egyptian soil, which has served as a country for a large number of years
The D/Hassan is keen on everything about the significance of old Egyptian life and was searching for answers to inquiries that don't have an answer
Work wheel started to turn in the town has been the foundation of a honorable house and garden, advertise, a vast field for planting and collecting, a work environment vessels, streets, ranches, and in the middle a tremendous sanctuary of white stone, which ended up being the Pharaonic Village logo and in 1984 d/Hassan Ragab authoritatively opened Pharaonic town after work went on for a long time at an expense of more than six million dollars
Furthermore, in 1989 d/Abdul joined the peace to his dad and took an interest in town organization and had affirmed d/Abdul Salam Recep that the town has not been finished, but rather in the phase of improvement where a few years went following the opening of the town for the opening of a model for the tomb of Tutankhamen, which has turned into a safe house just to see the graveyard for those not able to visit the city of Luxor
Likewise, d/Abdul Salam has opened numerous galleries (12 exhibition halls) and that a hefty portion of the phases of the historical backdrop of cutting edge Egypt has offered thus I took the town in the development and change of the spot has a history Luminous  The possibility of ​​Pharaonic Village on the estimation of the antiquated Egyptian times for the guest as the guest goes toward the begin of his visit, the agents wear regalia Pharaonic and they mimicked the old papyrus in the business, angling, drawing, figure, horticulture
preserving et cetera
The voyage begins to enter the town and purchase tickets from the movies at the entryway, and afterward glide the gathering, and containing a cafeteria for a little guest gathering and presentation of some archeological Pharaonic items, on the top floor of the buoy gathering there Cleopatra Museum, where disclose to you the visit guide for the time of Cleopatra and Julius Caesar managed, the contention in that time, in the wake of watching Cleopatra historical center, your excursion to the town begins since loading up the skimming of the vessel, the watercraft drifting in the encompassing Pharaonic town waterways moves, perceive amid that round-the-divine beings when the old Egyptians, and a scene from the Prophet Moses and data on bulrush and strategies for assembling and transformed into paper, about techniques for treating, paper-production, stoneware, glass and weapons, and data on agribusiness, watering system and angling strategies when the Pharaohs, and strategies for drawing and hieroglyphic composition, all the data you hear and see an agent scenes mirror the past, to bring the picture and mimic the life of the antiquated Egyptians and every one of the points of interest of their lives
Galleries in the Pharaonic Village
More normal for Pharaonic Village after the flight barge watercraft, are the different exhibition halls that arrangement with both Egypt old and cutting edge history, there Ptolemaic Museum and Heritage Museum and the tomb of Tutankhamun and the Museum of authoritative opinions and the Museum of the pontoons and the Islamic Museum and the galleries of Gamal Abdel Nasser and Sadat and the Museum of the pyramids and the Coptic Museum and Museum of embalmment and the Museum of Modern Egypt and the Museum of Napoleon and the Museum of Cleopatra, each of them managing verifiable period and upheld Almakaitat pictures and thumbnails of the most essential occasions and fights, attire and instruments utilized amid the time of the historical backdrop of Egypt
President Gamal Abdel Nasser Museum
Collectibles Gamal Abdel Nasser is an exhibition hall about the life of the late Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser from his introduction to the world until his demise early Sbaenja.oiqa Museum Pharaonic Village on the banks of the Nile
The exhibition hall contains more than 170 uncommon picture of President Gamal Abdel Nasser in the phases of his life distinctive, as the historical center houses a substantial number of individual effects and statues Nsfian and a few coins, stamps issued in that period, and a few pictures Gamal Abdel Nasser in the spreads outside Baadhavh magazines messages by Gamal Abdel Nasser amid the years 1941 and 1942 notwithstanding the content of the choice to nationalize the Suez Canal on July 26, 1956 discourse conveyed by venturing down on June 9, 1956 therapeutic report of the demise of Abdel Nasser
Previous President Mohamed Anwar Sadat Museum
The historical center contains a substantial gathering of individual collectibles, photographs, some individual property, which Ms. Jihan Sadat Bahdaiha of the exhibition hall, for example, "marine his uniform" that went to the opening function of the Suez Canal, and his coat for his stick and the well known pies and brush his teeth and fragrant. It additionally contains a gathering of photographs Memorial uncommon Sadat on different events, including a photograph of his spouses and his children, and amid snippets of reflection with his life like a photo Pastrahth pyramid and the picture of an ablutions and implore, and the exhibition hall is Kate stunning clarifies through how the war and the challenges confronted by the Egyptian armed forces like Brleaf and shade line sanding, and pictures of him with the most imperative global figures amid the marking of the well known peace understanding at Camp David
Preservation Museum
What's more, contains a few case of preservation procedure and the most imperative gods connected with the possibility of ​​mummification, and the Museum of the pyramids and speaks to the possibility of ​​building the pyramid and the most essential devices utilized as a part of the development and monoliths ... and so on
Qmmt town manufactured a model of the tomb of the same size and plan and additionally models for every one of the relics that were found put in the same request in which they discovered him at the disclosure of the burial ground and separated the graveyard to four rooms in the main room there are three secured in gold white with utensils family nourishments dried so King utilized as a part of the other world and numerous King of assets, for example, seat throne. Concerning the second room all well some porcelain and asset it discovered weapons of the King and the diversion Alcint that look like a session of chess now comprises third room which is the internment load of the four corners in this room was found mummy was put in a box and weighs 110 kilograms of immaculate gold, and approached the room fourth room treasures where he discovered a portion of the lord and some of his things and fortunes and in addition machine Anubis divine force of preserving, which was his business to ensure the graveyard
Pharaonic round of top notch
Of the most lovely and the most pleasant outing bits Joule was inside the man's respectable house or rich when the pharaohs, the visit inside the home of a poor man, even the times of the Pharaohs of Egypt did not know social equity, Vmenzl rich man is made out of a few rooms Kalmketbh kitchen and the stables room head servant and room inventories room magnificence and rooms and bathrooms the extensive territory before the house, while the house is generally poor man of one room and his significant other sit poor to crush wheat and flour are extend periods of time, while the rich man's better half invest all her energy to hear the harp and the advancement of beauty care products!
Some diversion for the children
Inside the Village Center for the Arts, in which a portion of the exercises Alphenahmthel specialized workshops for glass and ceramics industry papyrus held, additionally situated inside the town, a spot devoted to diversions, Kmlahi scaled down, where children can play on the off chance that they get exhausted of viewing the different exhibition halls, and there is a specific community for imaging
The town items
Part of the visit inside the Pharaonic Village incorporates a visit to the business sector and bazaar, which offers huge numbers of the merchandise of various Pharaonic and items, which are mainstream with guests energetically, and additionally the studio of the town, where they can do Ptsoark Pharaonic costumed In pharaonic climate, it doesn't permit taping inside the bazaar and the studio, and there are likewise committed part Pharaonic in the business sector for the offer of glass items, fragrances, copper items and cowhide sand
painting and henna expenses and a few antiques of legacy and the Pharaonic