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اخر الاخبار

October War Panorama (Cairo)

 October War Panorama made in cooperation amongst Egypt and Korea in 1983 to recognize and praise the commemoration of the triumph of Egypt in the Sixth of October War. Situated in Salah Salem Street by the Cairo International Stadium. Building a round and hollow shape, encompasses the inner Bjdranh sketches, photos speak to critical fights battled by Egypt beginning the fight battled by King Narmer to join the two nations and going through the fight in which Ahmose Hyksos removed in 1520 BC, and Mansoura fight in 1250, and the Battle of Port Said in 1956, lastly October triumph in 1973, where the Egyptian armed force vanquished the Israeli armed force and ousted from the domain of Sinai
There is a round stage where the gathering of people sits and moving their stage to the group of onlookers watching Photo wall painting sketches speak to a three-dimensional fight brilliant October. Scene show corridor likewise needs to watch motion pictures shows genuine scenes of the 1967 war and the war in  1973. At the passageway to the Panorama there are planes and tanks utilized as a part of the war, and the 
group of onlookers can climb, and photograph operations
Beginning Panorama in October
The possibility of ​​its creation in the wake of the visit of previous President of the Republic of Korea's vote based system in 1983 was the work of Panorama because of experts Koreans proportionate with the October triumph and chivalry accomplished by the general population of Egypt and his children and were made in Nasr City and disregarding the front Ali confronted Salah Salem street close Cairo Stadium, which is based on a range of 31 thousand square meters and with a stopping region Bmstah 6 thousand square meters has been opened in October to praise the celebrations on October 5, 1989.

Depiction Panorama

Display working in Nasr City is found neglecting the front and confronted the Salah Salem Road close to the Cairo Stadium Sports as it sits on a range of ​​31 thousand square meters and with a parking area surface zone of ​​6 thousand square meters.

Principle areas of the building

Square short supply Manstan is a short one for showcase to show models of the weapons of our troops that partook in the October 1973 war, and different models of weapons that have been seized.

The principle building is a barrel shaped building a drop of 44 m and a tallness of 27 meters, topped by a tower of iron, copper, and a stature of 10.5 meters

The fundamental display corridors

Round lobby

Posting ID Hall (1) and nine of 50 scenes: it shows the work of the military since 67 until 73.
Posting ID Hall (2) and nine of 50 scenes: the fundamental display corridor delineates the round stage epic travel
Posting ID Hall (3) and nine of 50 scenes: Visualize major branches of the Armed Forces amid the October 1973 war
Posting ID Hall (4) and nine of 50 scenes: a recorded library with Hall to see.
A PC to call the saints of the war of October information