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اخر الاخبار

Museum of Egyptian Civilization (Cairo)

Great Museum of Egyptian Civilization led living arrangement as of now in Ancient Egypt zone at a larger amount, to coordinate the world's biggest galleries, will ingest 100 thousand antiquity speaks to the development of Egyptian human progress from ancient times to the present day period an aggregate expense of 500 million pounds, which is really what he wished King Farouk and private secretary, Dr. Hussein Hosni Pasha after work in the Egyptian Museum of human progress smaller than expected island in 1949

Running the historical center in a zone where nearby Islamic, Coptic and Jewish on 25 sections of land in Fustat territory, southwest of Cairo impacts, and neighbored Mosque of Amr ibn al-As exceptional and the Temple of Ben Ezra and the Jewish church, manages the foundation of Education, Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO), which was recognized specialists early phases of development amid the finish of their meeting in Cairo

The rationality of the foundation of the exhibition hall is based on the abuse of the one of a kind region really where, close to the very destinations connection to the three monotheistic religions, which makes the locale the center and focal point of society and human advancement to radiation, and the region is symbolic of the Egyptians, as it is a piece of the main Arab and Muslim capital of Egypt city of Fustat, which She worked by Amr ibn al-Aas after it opened Egypt amid the rule of Caliph Omar ibn al-Khattab.

The exhibition hall will incorporate all parts of the extravagance and assorted qualities delighted in by Egyptian human advancement amid various times, going from the ancient period until the present day, and will include between the flanks uncommon follows gathered from historical centers and stores scattered in Egypt, through an efficient methodology has been assessed so highlights Museum parts of Egyptian legacy, and the impact of Egyptian progress over different developments

Furthermore, past the historical center customary reason than only corridors of fortunes and relics of viewed by guests and others Egypt, to shape it speaks to another sort of exhibition halls Egypt has not relaxed and the entire Middle East, as containing expected a library and research facilities for reclamation and recreational zone, making it a gallery and social establishment incorporated

Highlights Museum of Civilization models from various times, including expansion archeological accumulations are established somewhere down ever, and progressive societies and history of the rulers, sultans and governors and rulers, religions and convictions and articulations of tasteful, takes Bzairah in a novel trip through the times of Egyptian history, and permits them to distinguish the date of the most seasoned civic establishments of the world, and all the more exactly, the most established nation on the planet

As per the situation, the historical center will contain eight specific displays, comprising of a far reaching presentation on Egyptian human progress, situated in the heart of the exhibition hall, next to the display of the Royal mummies, and six different shows addresses (the beginning of development, the Nile, material society, composing and science, the state and society, convictions and thought).

Coordinators of the task and is sharp that the property are in the Frame Sequential generally in eight key periods, are: ancient, old time, Pharaonic time, Greco-Roman, Coptic time, the Islamic time, the cutting edge time, and contemporary, as indicated by Hawwah Museum Island Royal Egyptian human advancement

It includes an exhibition imperial mummies popular lords of old Egypt, for example, Ramses II, and Tuthmosis III and Amenhotep III, Seti I, notwithstanding a considerable measure of rulers, priests and specialists in the Pharaonic time, likewise it contains Costume Egyptian historical center accumulations in Tahrir Square, which communicates Technology smaller scale commercial enterprises in Egypt for more than three thousand years

Among the most unmistakable components of archeological accumulations will be in plain view, uncommon impacts of the ancient time frame, which is about the best antique in Zaki Saad Group, gathered from almost a thousand old tomb, found in the middle of 1940 to 1950, by a gathering office Abu Omar, which incorporates curios found in the tombs of the nobility

It artful culminations displays that happen inside the historical center, workmanship accumulation of the Greco-Roman period, and incorporates photos and works of figures found in the city of Fayoum, and other from the Coptic time frame, including compositions designed and duplicates of the Bible, and additionally of the Islamic time, including original copies and demonstrations of porcelain, weapons and various centerpieces and ancient rarities

The historical center will compose provisional displays in exhibitions custom perspective, to highlight the present Egyptian society and its past, including making it an extraordinary new national establishments, including offer, obviously, from the vision of a dynamic and imaginative Egyptian development in the at various times

The historical center gives guests a great deal of instructive assets and exploration sources, through his library and study focuses that do, photographs, documents and wellsprings of educating and distributions, and additionally their entrance to what they need of data through the system (the Internet)

Demonstrations of usage of the historical center three stages have passed, I started in the period from 1986 to 1990, when he was planned to make a gallery in the place where there is the island, to change the area to its present area, the second is that taken after the choice to move it to the Fustat zone and the ensuing as an aftereffect of generous revisions to change the area, and the section of about 10 years on the primary outline, and until 2004, has been including new components were not initially exist with expanding pads the greater part of the first components
The third and last stage, which will end mid-2013, incorporate expanded plate width mummies corridors, and the advancement of pads for kids inside surfaces exhibition hall presentation, expanding the plate interim supply, expanding the plate open administrations inside the gathering suite, and additionally inside the gallery presentation wing so as to augment the arrival to guarantee great administration and support of the building

As arranged, The guest to the historical center will have the capacity to distinguish the point by point parts of the Egyptian development in early periods huge movement in the sign of the Egyptian human life since he knew security and learn cultivating and grouping, and the arrangement of locales and urban areas until the start of the structure components of the Egyptian state

The exhibition hall invalidates claims that Cuneiform is the most seasoned works, as archeological disclosures at Abydos demonstrated that the Egyptians had achieved the Egyptian cuneiform written work before over 300 years, and this by putting him at the historical center from the gathering confirm these realities

Also, manages historical center shows clarification and investigation of the arrangement of Egyptian tenet and conjunction with the group, where all the proof demonstrated that the most established focal government, the world's most established state is Egypt, and how they commanded the relationship amongst government and 
 society, which brag the Egyptians since antiquated time immemorial as an indication of equity and uniformity
Found on the plates Nafisa Bsardab Egyptian Museum of Civilization

Rebuilding group Fine Arts Sector found the mystery storm cellar historical center antiquated human progress on the island, and in Matmrsahvi Museum of the island, was gone to by Dr. /Ashraf Reda Head of Fine Arts Sector, craftsman Ahmed Abdel Fattah, leader of the focal organization for historical centers, exhibitions, and pundit Subhi Sharon is pronounced in this way

Dr. Reza affirmed that the account of divulgence that started on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 amid the reclamation group to clear the dividers of the Egyptian Museum of Civilization (1949-1989) of Aldioramat introduced inside the dividers of the historical center until they came to dioramas (the course of the Nile Basin) striking profundity of eight meters inside the divider, and when separated The disclosure of a mystery entryway prompting the cellar

In like manner, Dr/fulfillment the arrangement of an advisory group headed by the craftsman Ahmed Abdel Fattah, and the enrollment of craftsman Tarek Mamoun executive general of historical centers, and Dr. /Manal Shaltout chief of the old Museum of Civilization, the stock of existing business in the storm cellar, reported and conveyed to the reclamation administration

All out business store storm cellar up to 222 as per 0.18 Banoh extensive depictions of compositions of business pioneers 0.85 Sketch craftsmanship vivid watercolor for hardware exhibition hall presentation, which opened in 1949, 65 of the building and engineering drawings at the Museum of Egyptian Civilization, outlined and managed the execution Mustafa your Fahmi in 1936, charged by ruler Farouk of Egypt and Sudan initial .19 old guide of the Egyptian Qatar and arranging the city of Alexandria 0.32 representations, and three photos

Dr. /fulfillment that the rebuilding work at the Museum of Egyptian Civilization draws near the framework work for the development of the island World Museum, where he will be affixed spaces own historical center inside the required floor space to make another exhibition hall, which is the biggest Middle Eastern nations for different expressions

Also, it will highlight the new exhibition hall more than 4,000 craftsmanship, containing the property of the imperial royal residences in Egypt, the premier of which is the work of the specialists of the nineteenth century, for example, Auguste, Renoir, Eugene Delacroix, Claude Monet, Langer, Rodin and others, alongside the Coptic material business, glass Fatimid, and vases Sifr and Alhenwah

Reza and declared that it will this business issue in a narrative book for this store, as the substance of Dr/Emad Abu Ghazi, Minister of Culture to set up an extensive craftsmanship display of works by the pit amid the following month to brief people in general on the critical piece of Egypt's verifiable and masterful memory instantly after the fruition of the rebuilding of this business, and you're from the work of the examination, documentation and review information issue, headed by Dr. commentator/Subhi Sharon

Said Sharon: galleries, instructive establishments, however after the breakdown of the training understudies are no more going to the gallery, regardless of the way that sightseers go to our nation from different nations of the world to see the mankind of our human progress antiquated, while the general population of the nation don't have any acquaintance with her, and after the acquaintance of huge changes with the Ministry of Education has gotten to be troublesome reestablish regard for our exhibition halls, so we as a people visit historical centers to see the different conditions experienced by the nation, and how it caught the province drives then boarded Egypt and remained on her feet

Sharon anticipated that the reason for the vanishing of the pit is that the decision, which came after the 1952 transformation was hesitant to consider him responsible, Vaketaloj which incorporates a picture of King Farouk was put away in the storm cellar with containers of artistic creations delineating the group of Muhammad Ali, the positive time of the entire upper administration perspectives, so utilize this cellar Remember the encounters that he would consent to show in the gallery, as Business put away cellar incorporated a picture of the main president of Egypt Mohamed Naguib with the Revolutionary summon Council, and this was purposeful to cover up, however it was close the cellar after the expulsion of Najib from any power in 1954
Sharon clarified that the work of craftsmen that were found in the storm cellar evaluated at high costs, including the work of Hussein Fawzi, Hussein Yusuf, Yusuf Tabozadeh, Najib Lantern, Ragheb Ayad, Hosni Banani, Mohammed Hassan, Ahmed Yousef, Mohammed Mr. Azzazi, Ahmed Osman and different specialists Egypt grown-ups