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اخر الاخبار

International Garden (traces of Cairo)

In the midst of the commotion of the city's clamoring and autos swarmed, and high structures extending International Garden in Nasr City on five sections of land of space, that contain the youthful trees, green plants, worked in the establishment with the cooperation of 16 nations around the globe, each nation planted their own part of the plant and put some uncommon types of creatures, was the opening in 1987, to be a safe house for individuals of the city of fast her life schedule. [FirstQuote] and called the universal patio nursery in light of the fact that every state private property inside them, and be unfilled consistently, in spite of what her of inconceivable tracts green, and uncommon plants, and with the approach of the occasion turns green box to an extensive box of badgering, young ladies and scarcely human Anhishohn, desire controls the position and the harassers see a young lady until Shahuanaa threatening, and transforms the scene into wrath and clamor and partner. On the front entryway of the greenery enclosure stands Hazem Shaker, a Homeland Security faculty who deals with the greenhouse, gripping to "hose" water to inundate planting, cleaning, recounts his memory that surpassed her years in that patio nursery as Eid al-Adha last happened, "two little girls and three children, crushing it startling, Athrashwa young ladies and Msuhm subject was Hattor assaulted without the intercession of the security ", and supplements the youthful Alashrana that there are instances of badgering even in the occasions," since El Geneina here where high trees and ranges Keteer concealed points ". [SecondQuote] build instances of provocation of worldwide garden each occasion, as per a novel firm, which got to be obvious on his elements weariness signs which each celebration going on, voice of the high young lady or Astagattha is no more an unusual thing that draws individuals' consideration and people on foot in the city, "the young ladies hours griping here for security and happens hand over the kid to the police, and hours walk is the clamor, Ashan long strategies. " Thousands of individuals who involve the global greenery enclosure celebration makes it a ripe domain for the development of mass provocation, which is generally a ring of human wolves wrapped around the casualty can not leave the paw, and wind up the minutes of routine inside the drawer security office park, "Mafeesh any need that happen .. plain and draw Minutes Bataig and each one of the state calls them "say it Hazem Zafra breath, regardless of the escalation of police nearness in the region of the recreation center to demonstrate any instances of provocation happen and discover Messaging young men occasion time. Found worldwide patio nursery in a peaceful neighborhood in Nasr City, and night get to be more quiet and more space, it presumably is which has prompted the hesitance of hostile to provocation for that greenery enclosure developments turns into the entire thing up to the inhabitants or neighboring shop proprietors, for obstruction Palmtharc, and maybe the mediation of police, and affirms the firm: "The police Pettmna 80% of instances of badgering here. " "No security, no police not at the gala nor the banquet," denies Rafik Rashad, any security nearness border global greenery enclosure to avoid badgering cases, irately reproachful of what is going on in his surroundings, and his powerlessness to change business as usual, "with an absence of instruction and absence of morals and tickets low value Garden Yazid provocation consistently and Ptbaky fiasco. " High sunlight based warmth planted molecules from the dew on the man Pentecostal Front, which reviewed over and again attempting, get energized turning out to be increasingly brow Turda and moistness, what its substance memory of the records of badgering before the International Garden may hurts him actually, "Six then forty years, and her child coming to Astkhbwa in the shop with me. . dismissed defiance of the enclosures and I businesspeople and remained even with 20 or 30 for a human mutant preys on his casualty. " Rashad sits before the pets who claimed the spot, and is found straightforwardly notwithstanding the principle entryway of the International Park, which places it in the onlooker the spot of what is occurring, so he is the main shelter of a lady who accompanied her kid to appreciate the blowout, I took a lesson in the realm of badgering and gave him another, " I Bhol protect my work wellspring of frightfulness and six dead, Bs express gratitude toward God I could help her, inclining toward Mkhbayha so far as ride microbus. " "Filled creatures and a craving to predation, Mho cocoa Adam to turn the creature required anxious, even Muammloh account that Amaaha little child," Rashad can not overlook the creature looks, which grabbed the harassers at the time, and most raises ire be compromise between the young fellow and the young lady goes last without discipline or a genuine obstruction to what he does with the young ladies, he is sitting before the recreation center for a long time, amid which he didn't witness what is occurring from an embarrassing badgering, however in the most recent two years, "Ashan stayed in security and irregular free and absence of instruction." "Is I'm insane?", Denouncing the pet proprietor replaces the likelihood to open the shop in the following Eid, the matter has ended up individual security, not simply provocation occurrences in the district, which is situated by a living source, "Individuals de Mbejafush even our Lord .. what's more, military officers network Fadaan was God in Onhm .. in spite of the fact that it is only the season having won each one of those individuals Hkhosrh Tani, and conceivable lose the entire shop Noise aggravates occupants of the area calm, verbal quarrels before one of the windows of the ticket deal in universal patio nursery, not usual to individuals on such a clamor, but rather in the times of Eid, where rush of a huge number of natives to the International Garden in Nasr City, yet this time the occasion was essential, as indicated by described by Egyptian Minshawi proprietor of a shop around the recreation center, where some chose to people vocalists, drove by Saad little, fair and Posey, a show in the recreation center, provoking several fans swarmed before windows offering tickets for an opportunity to watch Matarbhm favored. The coordinators expect the occasion live "festival air", however badgering is the heart of the scene topsy turvy, once the ascent of the craftsman Amina on the phase until the dispute of youngsters and the occasion, "Disorder" Some attempted to storm the theater, yet for the mediation of the security, who figured out how to discharge securely craftsmen after they declared the cancelation of the show ; not over the scene now has some youngsters demanded splitting the theater and rapidly lost control of the security circumstance, and conflicts broke out between some youngsters. Badgering was the end of the function where he attacked some young ladies after security powers emptied the recreation center, has gotten to be Front Street has been the scene of Trchin pursuing the young ladies a way that is others conscious, interceded shops disregarding the greenery enclosure proprietors to spare what can be spared, by, and they shroud a portion of the young ladies inside their shops until They are not ambushed, prompting presentation to conflicts with sticks and Schumann with spooks and harassers. "Shops broken and businesspeople harmed, and young ladies Lipkin," This was the end of the scene saw by universal park at night, a celebration last-Fitr, as indicated by Leroy Egyptian Minshawi, finishes the youthful Thalathini: "In the Mubarak time and before the upheaval Moknèche not think badgering genuine, and the wonder de It started to spread after the unrest along as a result of the nonappearance of security from the road, and the spread of the melodies the drawback. " Saqr Mahmoud, an arrangement cars, was a witness is additionally on the truths of provocation happened before the secondary passage to universal park in the last devour, in spite of the security nearness escalated saw in the recreation center inside and outside, A few young ladies Btaatkhanq with harassers and Btelm individuals and now and then two policemen from themselves Baiqdoa the harasser without a solicitation from the young lady, "and supplements the youthful Thalathini Speaking in Nasr City, he says:" badgering outside the recreation center and before the door considerably more than what happens from provocation inside the recreation center, on the grounds that the security anxieties of methodology inside not at all like outside the recreation center and before the entryway. News Nile Corniche" identifying with the provocation .. Professional killer pictures | "Fustat" casualty of badgering, burglary and tormenting .. furthermore, executive of the recreation center: "Dah words floatation" Talaat Harb Square .. here, "Kiss harassers" With Eid drawing nearer face "badgering" spread out in the open spots in Alexandria Women's associations face provocation as SOS numbers crusades ".. what's more, volunteers to conform the harassers and manage badgering" feast "for data  what's more, specialists: absence of expert control of the scene to life detainment for wolves freedom  judgment finishing provocation or keep up business as usual is badgering and devour .. sickness executes 
happiness Downtown .. the range saw the development of" the primary mass badgering "in Egypt