castle Salah al-den al-ayobi's (Cairo) - tourism in Egypt

اخر الاخبار

castle Salah al-den al-ayobi's (Cairo)

The Cairo Citadel One of the most noticeable impacts that breathed life into tourism in Egypt, because of its history with the latest in old times, and is the Citadel of Saladin Ayoubi in the palace region of Cairo where they were developed close Mount Almoktam on the edges of Cairo, is the Cairo Citadel A military manors worked in the Middle Ages, and the high Excellency possessing the protection's key area controlling the Cairo and Fustat Castle, notwithstanding being the interim between the two urban areas, the main asylum of the sit-on account of the fall of the city, however enemies
Cairo Citadel in Cairo has went with a variety of recorded occasions in the Ayyubid and state Mamluk Empire time expansion to the crusade the French to Egypt in 1798, and has Kmalk until he came to Muhammad Ali Pasha to Iwabha thriving developing, so the manor possessed a noticeable unintended perspectives when tourism in Egypt by a large number of its occupants and guests
Sultan Salah al-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub has chosen to begin B_ed palace in 572 AH (1176 AD) on the slope the sound, which was then known as the air arch, yet did not compose it to finish in his rule, where its total full Sultan reasonable canister was initially occupied by turning into the King House, has well until the rule of 
Muhammad Ali
Cairo Citadel is situated in the area who knows the name of "palace", a work of the successor has been raised on a different coastal from the precipices on the edges of the city of Cairo, where you see the street now known as Salah Salem, which is a piece of the spot the ring street around Cairo city
The Citadel of Saladin old lies on a bit of the mountain relate Mount Mokattam and regulates the Cairo, Egypt, the Nile and the al, where she was sitting above the city of Fatimid Cairo from the northern city of Fustat the major and the al and swimming turkey from the south-west, while the Nile is situated on the western side of them and the bluffs from behind, from the eastern side
Saladin Citadel in Cairo is a standout amongst the most lavish military manors worked in the Middle Ages vital Vemoqaha five star, offering this site from a cautious essential since it controls the urban areas of Cairo and Fustat, as it constitutes a characteristic obstruction between the two urban communities is high. It was on this site can give correspondence between the manor and town in the condition of attack, as they will end up being the last bastion of a sit-in on the off chance that if the city tumbled to the foe
Passed this glorious manor and a ton of numerous noteworthy occasions, where the dividers have seen distinctive chronicled occasions through the ages Ayyubid, Mamluk and the season of the French battle on Egypt in 1798, and even assume control over the standard of Muhammad Ali Pasha, Egypt, where he reestablished her thriving and significance
He said Maqrizi in his "sermons and record commemoration arranges and impacts" on the historical backdrop of the mountain, which was held by the manor before development: "I realize that the primary known in the news into the mountain stronghold that was the place the Dome of the known air vault, we have Abu Amr, the Canadian said in his book sovereigns of Egypt: Aptny and Hatem Ben Hrtmh arch that characterizes the air arch, the first of Aptnaha and Crown Egypt to trade them in Jumada II years five and ninety and one hundred