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اخر الاخبار

Ashmunein "City of God Thamon (Minya)

Ashmunein "City of God Thamon rulers and the most vital archeological region in Egypt Central

"Ashmunein" vital archeological region in Egypt Central near Mallawi "300 kilometers south of Cairo," Minya governorate, her name was in the times of the Pharaohs "speculating" no "eight city", a reference to the Thamon a divine being out of its present name

It was the capital of the region fifteenth of Upper Egypt districts, the primary Mabboudha is god "Thoth" divine force of science and composing, which the Greeks Balham Equality "Hermes" and called the name of the city "Hermopolis Magna" any extensive city of Hermes

It was an imperative religious focus subsequent to the beginning of Egyptian history, and discover their name specified in the mythology and religious messages early, particularly as it was the moon revere focus, and in the time of the main time of the historical backdrop of Egypt was the seat of an effective family controlled the district and championed the rulers Ihnasiya in their wars with Tayyibi, and discover the graves of those rulers Barsha in and on the east bank of the Nile.

Uncovered unearthings in the remains of Ashmunein for a hefty portion of the imperative impacts of various ages, and particularly the Greek papyri and some Ptolemaic impacts and Alrvanih where the remnants of a few sanctuaries from various periods, have been found where the stones show the nearness of a sanctuary where the family 12 days, "the second Amenemhat" were additionally discovered likewise on the sanctuary worked by Ramses II was utilized as a part of building numerous stones engravings and compositions from the times of Akhenaten, they have left the sanctuary in Tel el-Amarna, the eastern front of the West Nile

What's more, turned into this city is especially imperative in the present day state, particularly in the days Alraamsp, when she was one of the families most intense groups of Middle Egypt, and showed up, including some senior ministers of Amun in Thebes Fjalo of the first city "Ashmunein" consecrated religious city, and proceeded on their significance during circumstances such as the present, particularly when Aloxion came to Egypt, as it assumed a noteworthy part in those wars and opposed the attack of the King "Abienky" and had the emir, "Nimrod" The positions exceptionally compelling in this critical time of the historical backdrop of Egypt, and since the late period turned into the locale, "Tona mountain" fearful them

Notwithstanding the remnants of the Pharaonic sanctuaries there are the vestiges of the city in the times of the Ptolemies and Romans, particularly the sanctuary worked by "Philip Aredeos" the sibling of Alexander the Great's stepbrother, and parts of the old city, particularly the "Ajq" "City Market" by some immense sections 
are still set up
It is the capital of the fifteenth area (territory female rabbit). This city is situated in the heart of Egypt's endless Central Valley, which is limited toward the east of the Nile, Bahr Youssef west. The Hermopolis of the most well known religious capitals because of the ascent of "Thoth" the fundamental god, and this city was commanded by the same ultra-financial significance of the zone as a result of the richness of rural soils, and closeness to the quarries "Htnob" Marble. This provoked some of who were in its request that introduce themselves free rulers now and again, exploiting an open door Alsulthantrzah shortcoming. In the late seventeenth family this locale went under the control of the Egyptian ruler called "Taataan" It was an associate with the Hyksos, and was ruled by neighboring city "to Nfrosa." During the period of the Third Navigation appropriated a number of the pioneers of these Almedinhmahliyn, including "Thoth M. boards", elements and parts of the pharaoh
Akhenaten has coordinated himself Hermopolis region inside the extent of his territory Alaatkavih known as Akhetaten. "Notwithstanding these realities and occasions, and comparable (power and control Gma neighborhood amid the time of the primary move, Hermopolis did not open up to history just as of late. Amid the Greek and Roman periods, drove enchant the engaging quality of god "Thoth" to draw in a large number of the Greeks to this city, where he developed and created one of a kind among the Pharaonic and Hellenistic human advancement social item. renowned "Ptozeres" burial ground is clear confirmation of that