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اخر الاخبار

A raised area Beloziom (Farma In Sinai)

It is the most imperative staying archeological destinations in northern Sinai, which still holds the remaining parts of structural archeological showed on the surface of the earth is the main site that can be created to wind up a position of journey is a vital vacation spot later on, and is situated around fifteen kilometers north of the town Baloza Kantara out and about east of the northern Sinai and stretches out to various vital expansion to the primary range and found the antiquated city, which uncovered the present day with the unearthing of an arrangement of bathrooms and a huge theater dating to the Roman time and Roman château kept on working until the Islamic period archeological slopes, and there is likewise the eastern suburb of the city of Beloziom (slope store - Tel houses of worship), a cutting edge names propelled by the Bedouins of the district on this archeological slopes which is a gathering of islands situated at the mouth of the branch has been Albelozy these slopes contemporary of the old city regardless of the individual self-rule of every slope in the nature of the found its belongings, and the Supreme Council of Antiquities missions at present redesigning the restroom, which is situated around a hundred meters toward the north of the north entryway of the palace, which was found by a gathering of channels, cool and high temp water and various parlors, play and also an Egyptian archeological mission of the Supreme Council of Antiquities to lead unearthings and cleaning work and raise the rubble of the lavatory Roman southern and these activities are in progress both in the reclamation or exhuming proceeds.

The old city of Beloziom one of Egypt's biggest urban areas in Roman times, one of the most grounded invigorated urban areas in northern Sinai common capital east of the Delta amid the times Pharaonic and Greco making it contend with the city of Alexandria at the time, as the city has seen parts of the Cleopatra story and assaulted Baldwin King of Jerusalem in 1116 gave by the repressed and blockaded Amr ibn al-Aas months to have the capacity to open and speak to Beloziom biggest Romanian châteaux in Egypt at all has brought forth this city where he was conceived and emigrated Greek Ptolemy

The fall of this city at the mouth of the old Bloziom River has driven dryness Nile Albuliose to rot and corruption, and there are some archeological the proof Most of the city is saturated with the ground damp as of now subject to the city for the incorporated undertaking sparing impacts in the national system of the venture to spare the impacts of Al-Salam Canal in Sinai and is currently the city of Baloza North Sinai Governorate

The city was a military focus and an imperative exchange and financial on the primary streets between the Levant and amongst Europe and East Asia, and consequently it has been found by the port and the traditions.

The end of Farma in late Fatimid period on account of the Crusaders in 545 AH consequently has been supplanted by another city and accepted her position Katia, a city in the Middle Ages and was the business focus and the stronghold is simple and Tina had a business port at the time.

Dr. /Mohammed Abdel-Maksoud, chief general of the impacts of East Delta and the Canal and Sinai brought up that this city has seen times of thriving has likewise seen times of rot and it incorporates fortification showers and Roman theater and three places of worship of east and west and south of religious significance headed for the Holy Family

He focused on that there is a task to resuscitate the impacts of Farma Bloziom city in the structure of the goals of the Supreme Council of Antiquities to resuscitate these old structures and in addition created through reclamation and work to clear associated with streets keeping in mind the end goal to keep up the vacationer map in the Sinai to expand the national salary, which speaks to one of the targets of the undertaking to national improvement and reproduction of the Sinai 2017 He included that the reclamation work being completed is over the northern shower and remake expected for washing and channels of water release and an aftereffect of utilizing this locale a military post amid the Israeli occupation constituent Ahamamin compositional components water tanks and structures were hit this fortification harm and accompanying rebuilding investigation and identification work from whatever is left of the impacts that added the stronghold as a major aspect of the unearthing arrangement in the southern restroom zone Blioseom the end of the rebuilding work will be the lavatory of the most delightful showers found in Sinai, one of the five bathrooms that have been recognized follows the northern Sinai district and included that the advancement venture of the château Farma archeological fixings need the inexorability of the significance of the impacts and their part in affecting the tourism all in all, especially Farma zone the end of the reclamation work of this manor will accomplish an expansion in urbanization and check the connection between the old Horus street toward the Levant and Europe since this zone speaks to a vital discussions for streets and the development of Arab and remote traveler exchange, it tells the historical backdrop of Egypt Aalaskara and serve the East Port Said Port Said social events Valley Technology Ismailia and Suez Gulf to be a spot radiation focus between formative present (undertaking Salam Canal which keeps running alongside the palace) and the old of mansions Sinai Castle Farma Castle Tharu Pharaonic Qantara East and Nakhal Fort and Castle Hven Castle Arish Castle buckle and Castle Jura has been observing this anticipate around a million pounds of The national task for the reclamation of landmarks has additionally been pay more than 9 archeological missions to the district to investigate for enhancements on the way of Al-Salam Canal to a far reaching study of the ranges neighboring the peace trench and save archeological destinations particularly the remaining parts of burial grounds from Romania and Pharaonic times with deciding the grounds of the archeological territories and arranging the foundation of the dividers of her to shield her from private encroachments later on with the 
start of the development of 400 thousand sections of land in the area