The Aquarium (Tourism Alexandria) - tourism in Egypt

اخر الاخبار

The Aquarium (Tourism Alexandria)

Marine creatures and plants Museum houses a gathering of uncommon fish, the exhibition hall pros and researchers to direct research and the investigation of science, who lives in the Egyptian lakes and oceans, Kalsdv, fish, turtles, plants and wipes, to keep the Egyptian Water Resources. Incorporates a few plants and 
fish lakes and a library show, likewise it shows imitations of Egyptian sea creatures
Built up Aquarium in Alexandria in 1930 AD, which is situated close to the Bey Balonfusha Castle, including the site alongside the historical center foundation for aquaculture research
 Featuring amphibian historical center in Alexandria, an accumulation of uncommon fish, has no associate on the planet, and is concentrate every one of the areas that live in the oceans and pools of the Egyptian fish, plants and wipe and fortuitous events prompting the safeguarding of water assets and coordination.
 Also it incorporates different species live in crisp water stream Nile and the Amazon River
 mn Beautiful in that gallery or show the nearness of ocean animals embalmed great state of various sizes and have a magnificent perspective recreates reality in the base of the ocean, with a pilot sheets and containing those reenactments and some valuable data about those items
 adm Institute a few labs and library and pools for fish and plants marine and freshwater. The exhibition hall happens in a part of the Institute and incorporates an uncommon accumulation preserved and distinctive for different fish and amphibian creatures
 kzlk Museum shows an expansive accumulation of models of ocean animals, for example, the model for the shark model for stingray and barracuda and in addition the thickness of an extensive variety of seabirds 
models, for example, swans, white storks and dim herons and Crow ocean green head and ducks