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اخر الاخبار

temple Ramesseum   (Luxor tourist)

Sanctuary Ramesseum is a funerary sanctuaries which were worked for the dead in old Egypt, where he worked by King Ramses II. The sanctuary houses an enormous statues of Ramses II, with the exception of 
engravings and designs that tell the way of life in that period
This sanctuary worked by King Ramses II sustain his memory and is one of the biggest sanctuaries, which were implicit the western bank .. Ramesseum has two doorways, one from the eastern meeting farming region and this is the primary passageway and the other from the northern purpose of the showdown of the Golan occasion Qurna and this passage is sideways and used to encourage the visit to the sightseers .. The name Ramesseum not the old name of the sanctuary where his name was "fixed and AST" any assembled with "The AST" and this sanctuary was committed to the love of the god Amun and sustain the memory of King Ramses II and has dispatched the Greeks by the name "Mmnotheom" proportion to the nearness of the statue of "Mmnotheom" sanctuary, which measures huge amounts of stone and is demolished now, and endeavors are made to lift it starting from the earliest stage reestablished, and may likewise be brought in the principal century BC graveyard "Odzimnd Giyas" because of the relationship between this name and the name of royal celebration Special King Ramses II "client Maat let" in spite of the fact that the wall outside of the sanctuary decimated, the scientists specialists prominently deposits found that this divider has a stature of around 14 meters and right now 176 meters in length and developed of blocks drain and created him numerous high structures utilized as stockrooms to the sanctuary and at the principle passageway of the sanctuary there is the main yard and yet on account of annihilated totally, yet the comparing buildup indicates King Ramses II's wars in the Middle and show flexibility in the utilization of the wheel of war to assault his adversaries and there is additionally the primary patio deposits of statues of rock presumably built for the ruler or one of his spouses and toward the south of There are private yard with King the imperial castle and the leftovers of his most loved wife Nefertari The second yard is still holds a few scenes portraying the well known fight
What's more, in sections lounge there are 36 segment achieve it through the entryways, and there is likewise a corridor set of scenes delineating King Ramses II fights notwithstanding photos of his kids and no other lobby little a roof in light of eight units crowns segments bud papyrus and enhanced with galactic perspectives and perspectives the parade of the Holy of Amun and Khtamo and on the west divider scene portraying Ramses sitting under the branches of the tree of life and from behind Tut and Scat record the name of the lord to be eternal through the ages

In spite of the fact that the Holy of Holies Hall is considered totally demolished and no deposit and inside the lodge there is King Ramses II statue with the god Amun statue was devoted this sanctuary to venerate and behind the lodge there are numerous structures that have been utilized Kofran or own stores festivities to be held in the sanctuary, and there are of them still this structures hold their excellence

The father's King illustrious royal residence was inherent the North West of the sanctuary where she was driving around with her child King Ramses II on his visit to the territory west of the city of Thebes, and this 
royal residence are no remainders of it rundown yet