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اخر الاخبار

Temple of the house of the governor(Aswan)

Abdul House Wali sanctuary is found old Nubia, only 55 m south of Aswan, and is viewed as the most established sanctuaries of King Ramses II in Lower Nubia and was committed to the god Amun, the god Khnum and anket, the sanctuary was taken in 1960 amid the development of the High Dam, where the exchange to the highest point of its old site close to the Temple South high dam Kalabsha was taken by Polish archeologists and financed by the Swiss Institute and Institute of Chicago

Portrayal sanctuary

Beit el-Wali sanctuary alleviation in Nubia.jpg

Sanctuary Beit Wali sanctuary cut into the mountain, and is one of the sanctuaries of Ramses II, the gathering worked in antiquated Nubia district as confirmation of his control and impact in this locale, and return current to be known as a Christian loner.

There are still engravings clear, yet tragically the most vital engravings may even now hues, close to the center of the southern divider there are engravings delineating Ramses II as he arranged for the group to do a war 
against the Nubians