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اخر الاخبار

Temple Deka(Aswan City)

Despite the fact that the sanctuary was worked amid the rule of the Ptolemies, however it was based on the
vestiges of Pharaonic sanctuary Old back to the period of the present day pharaonic state since researchers found engravings Pharaonic had a place with Hatshepsut and Seti I and Tuthmosis III and Merenptah is clear that each of them added to the old sanctuary and named engraving
The scientists did not find the history fabricated particularly in view of the numerous engravings of the names of progressive lords subsequent to the period of the present day state and the Nubians Vbatalmh Coptic time had an effect and in addition completed the Roman time.
In any case, a few suppositions expressing that it was inherent the rule of King Nubian Oajafr Amon or Orkmena when he overwhelmed this a player in the Ptolemies, in the Ptolemaic time, Egypt has heightened epilepsy at once, between the Ptolemies and the Nubians.
Sanctuary Deka not quite the same as different sanctuaries was assembled parallel to the Nile River which the fundamental entryway on the north side, and the Pharaonic sanctuaries of the principle doors to be toward the east and the other toward the west and ignoring the Nile, where the sacrosanct vessels

The sanctuary comprises of said awesome engraved Pharaoh obscure displaying offerings to the divine beings and underneath Takec Line flooded old Nubian, and takes after building yard vanished dividers of the assaults of time and after that see the interface is recorded with drawings of Ptolemy VII, reach past the classroom embellished with pictures dating from the period of the Coptic, particularly the time of mistreatment this sanctuary was utilized as a congregation at the time, and end the main sanctuary of the ruler Bmihraban Nubian Ajfr Amon and engravings demonstrating that where making offerings to Isis, and the other to the mihrab August Ambator Rome and has engravings is bad

The sanctuary is the name credited to a Nubian tribe called Deka is still some of this tribe stay in parts of Aswan
Deka is situated on the island of the Temple of Kalabsha Balgarib of the sanctuaries of antiquated Nubia 
south of Aswan in southern Egypt cut it