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اخر الاخبار

Royal Jewelry Museum (Tourism Alexandria)

Gems presentations of illustrious families that ruled Egypt since the season of Muhammad Ali Pasha and even the main Farouk. The historical center incorporates 11,500 pieces, including Queen Nariman gatherings and gatherings Princesses Fawzia Ahmed Fouad, the champ of Ahmed Fouad and a gathering Antiques and 
Jewelry King Fouad and others
Called "adornments Palace" because of his nearness in the building, which was the castle of one of the princesses upper regal family

There Royal Jewelry Museum in Fatima Zahra castle building Bgelem .. This royal residence ZM Fahmi was established in 1919 and has finished development and set up by her little girl Princess Fatima Zahra in 1923 has been the utilization of minors Kastrahh for the administration .. indeed, even transformed into a historical center by presidential announcement in 1986
This royal residence was manufactured (Royal Jewelry Museum) on the European building style from a compositional point of view .. It comprises of two wings east and west interfacing the two transverse hall and comprises of both the East Wing and West Wing of the two stories and a storm cellar and encompassed the building, a greenery enclosure loaded with plants, blossoms and fancy trees

The exhibition hall incorporates 11 thousand and 500 pieces having a place with the imperial relatives .. The royal residence was separated into ten corridors incorporates accumulations of collectibles and adornments that have a place with the relatives of Muhammad Ali .. This is the gallery of the most wonderful sights in Alexandria and incorporates uncommon and dazzling collectibles, adornments and trimmings gathering and 
gold jewelery, valuable stones, watches studded with gems and precious stones