Religious tourism in Egypt - tourism in Egypt

اخر الاخبار

Religious tourism in Egypt

Religious tourism, one of the most established sorts of tourism, the objective of which is to do religious customs, similar to the situation when Muslims from the Haj and Umrah or visit the sanctuaries of the prophets and the holy people and the equitable, and also diversion and development of the relatives as expressed in the teachings of Islam
In the Muslim piece of religious tourism, it has called numerous Islamic figures to the need to create visit bundles Islamic models. In such manner Habib Ali Jaffery indicated the difficulties confronted by the Islamic Tourism today, as the activities of people groups and governments don't continue from inside and out studies with respect to this theme which he depicted Balbalg significance, calling in the meantime to merge the connection between Islamic talk and the truth of tourism, as Safwat Hijazi brought up that the Islamic religion which a great deal of limit and breathing space and love, so it was viewed as the issue of Islamic Tourism  Most urban communities on the planet for tourism Egypt has extraordinary religious tourism, including:

Mosque of Amr ibn al-As: Amr Ibn El-Aas Mosque in Fustat old neighborhood Egypt is found, the main mosque worked in Egypt after the opening Amr ibn al-Aas year 20 of the Hijra year 641 AD. Manufactured this mosque the year 21 AH comparing to 641 AD and was once settled focus of government and the core of the call of Islam in Egypt, and after that worked around the city of Fustat, which is the principal Islamic capitals of Egypt, and it was the site picked by Amr Ibn al-Aas to construct the mosque at the time sitting above the Nile as he directed the stronghold of Babylon, which is situated by him, and due to this mosque is the main mosque worked in Egypt has been known by a few names, including the mosque and the old crown of mosques

Al-Azhar Mosque: Al-Azhar Mosque is the most well known mosque and a guide for science and Islamic thought since its origin more than a thousand years until Aleom..oho the most critical Islamic landmarks in the city of Cairo in Egypt, the entire when the leader gave the embodiment of Sicilian essayist to Egypt in 358 AH/969 AD by the Fatimid caliph Muizz Fatimid to open it was to him that, closure the period of Tulunid State starts the time of the Fatimid state, and if the Amr ibn El-Aas Mosque is the primary mosque worked in Egypt, Islamic, the Al-Azhar Mosque is the fourth mosques that were worked by the main assembled a mosque in Cairo. Jawhar left on the development of this mosque with the Fatimid royal residences in Cairo to implore in al-Khalifa and to have a spot to call its development started in 359 AH/970 AD and manufactured the principal Friday supplications by the year 361 AH/973 AD and knew Mosque in Cairo.

Mosque of Muhammad Ali in the Citadel in Cairo, which is all the more so that numerous trust that the Citadel of Saladin Ayoubi is the Muhammad Ali Pasha Castle to acclaim of this mosque by, likewise called the Alabaster Mosque which is somewhat uncommon marble Casey its mansion popular historic points.

Different sources and references expressed that once finished Mohamed Ali Pasha, the change of the Citadel of Saladin Ayoubi and wrapped up his royal residences and Dwoaineh Pan schools saw to fabricate a substantial mosque stronghold to play out the mandatory petitions and have its internment place. Furthermore, it started to make a mosque in 1246 AH/1830 AD and kept on working until the demise of Mohamed Ali Pasha in 1265 AH/1848 AD and was covered in the burial ground, which had arranged for himself inside the mosque. Highlights Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha, a few engineering and masterful components made him extraordinary, Fmizntah Hahqtin as a stature of around 84 meters. On the off chance that we include the stature of the mansion worked by the mosque which is around 80 meters high minarets of up to around 164 meters from the ocean level, and the number Almhkawat that exist this mosque is suspended 365 days of the year the quantity of watched it plays musical tunes in a quiet state, was likewise set apart by the wonder of the mosque reverberation obvious at higher inside the place of supplication sounds. The lodge, which was covered by Mohammed Ali Pasha, it is situated in the southwestern corner of the mosque, which is an overlaid copper compartment gathered between Arab, Turkish and Egyptian themes embellished with marble tomb of the mix of Muhammad Ali Pasha

Mosque of al-Nasir Muhammad: Brown this mosque for about 700 years and is the focal point of the stronghold was just about possesses an old south-east corner of the square or the roomy, which was known as the "red extensive" notwithstanding the entryway of the palace and it was coordinated by the colossal Iwan Nazareth in the north-western corner, remained this mosque is the mosque of the château lived until Muhammad Ali Pasha University in a meeting. Lord al-Nasir Muhammad was implicit the year 718 AH/1318 AD.

Stronghold of Saladin Ayoubi: Cairo Citadel, known as the Citadel a standout amongst the most essential Islamic Cairo points of interest and is arranged in the area of "Mansion" was raised on one separate from the precipices inland on the edges of the city of Cairo, it is a standout amongst the most sumptuous military palaces worked in the Middle Ages, Vemoqaha vital top of the line offering this site from a protective imperative since it controls the urban communities of Cairo and Fustat, as it constitutes a characteristic obstruction between the two urban areas is high. Salahuddin was established this château on a slope from the bluffs, and finished his sibling assembled an only ruler in 1208 AD, with a specific end goal to Cairo protection against conceivable intrusions

The as indicated by Salahuddin totally in the decision of spot of the manor, as it high putting accomplished managing the Cairo completely included, to such an extent that the battalion could do two operations warships at one time, they fix the inside front and take off to fall off of dutifulness to the Sultan, and oppose any outside endeavors to assume control Cairo. Is a wall set up by Salahuddin around Cairo to shield it against any outer hostility, an imperative army bases that have finished the part of the mansion in the Middle Ages, a wall, which was found as of late, after he took Salah al-Din (1171 - 1193 AD) managed Egypt keen on Amran range outside the Fatimid Cairo Zuwayla between the entryway and the Mosque of Ahmad ibn Tulun, and isolating them into a few lines including the Darb al-Ahmar line, which is still known by that name even today. This locale drives the upright Vanguards canister Rzyk Mosque, which is another relic of the time of the Fatimids in Egypt

Mr. Ibrahim Mosque ElDesoki: Located in Desouk, and its sanctum God knows, Mr. Ibrahim ElDesoki another polar Alorbh Sufis and the best of them. One of the old mosques in the Muslim world, where it implied a great many guests from all over Egypt and the Arab, Islamic and European nations, and is said to be of the ten biggest mosques on the planet and is positioned 6th on the plane
Mosque Sidi Gaber: Sidi Gaber Mosque in the area called his name is situated between the cable car station and Port Said Street, despite the military doctor's facility Mustafa Kamel. The mosque was at first fabricated a little corner amidst the seventh century AH just about
This corner and stayed until her condition was based on the remains of a mosque toward the end of the nineteenth century. In 1955 he expelled the old mosque worked in its place the present mosque
Sidi Bishr Mosque: Mosque Sidi Bishr ascribed to people Sheik Bin Al Hussein container Mohammed canister Obeid-Allah ibn al-Hussein ibn Bishr vital
He lectured from every breed who came to Alexandria in the late fifth century or mid 6th century with the individuals who originated from Morocco and researchers of Andalusia in that period and got to be renowned among the general population goodness and devotion When he kicked the bucket in 528 AH
Imam Busayri mosque Imam Busayri mosque in the city of Alexandria on the seafront region Anfoushi in mosques Square zone and even with Abu Abbas marina mosque is found and takes the same structural frame nearly .. It was an old mosque, a little corner even constructed this mosque in 1274 AH/1858 and comprises of two squares discrete. The Busayri understudies Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi, the well known Sufi verse in applause for hell's sake and the Prophet and his sonnets: Burda approach.

Mosque Sidi Abu Abbas Mursi: Situated in Anfoushi and the upside of its bumped minaret towering tallness and four vaults.

It has been the tomb of Abu Abbas Mursi remaining at the eastern port of Alexandria without even form it in 706 AH/1307 Fazarah Sheik Zinedine Qattan vast merchants Alexandria and assembled him a place of worship and an arch and set up a mosque well and make him a square-molded signal and halted him some cash and built up him as an imam and evangelist and served . The mosque remained so until the King Fouad I requested the foundation of a spacious field called mosques that the field incorporates significant mosque of Abu Abbas marina and the mosque imam, Sheik Busayri and sapphire throne
Holy person Catherine's Monastery: Monastery of St. Catherine St. is found Catherine's Monastery in South Sinai, Egypt down Mount Catherine the most noteworthy mountain in Egypt, close Mount Moses. What's more, is said to be the most seasoned religious community on the planet, is a vacation spot extraordinary, where the destination traveler bunches from all parts of the world, a retreat keep running by the ministers of the Greek Orthodox Church does not communicate in Arabic. They are not Egyptians or Arabs and does not take after the cloister Patriarchate of Alexandria, but rather they are of Greek plummet, Although the guardianship of the religious community were long stretches of the Russian Orthodox Chur
Hanging Church: Located remarkable in old Egypt neighborhood church in the Cairo zone Coptic archeological essential, they are near the Mosque of Amr ibn al-As, and the Temple of Ben Ezra, the Jewish, and the Church of St. Mina alongside the stronghold of Babylon, and the Church of the Martyr Mercurius (Abu Seven), and numerous different places of worship . Bamuallqh named in light of the fact that it was based on the two towers of the old towers of the Roman fortification of Babylon Fortress, the one that had been worked by Emperor Trajan in the second century AD, the remarkable and is viewed as the most   
seasoned houses of worship that still wait in Egyptpertinence