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اخر الاخبار

Philae Temple(Aswan City)

After the foundation of the Aswan Dam, the old and the consequence of the high water to the water tank, which is with the development of the dam, it has turned into the Nile waters immerse "elephants" Island and sanctuaries for 6 months every year. In the sixties time of the twentieth century, with the close finish of the development of the High Dam, irritated the circumstance and it turned into the island and undermined to overwhelm the full impacts and until the end of time. In a brilliant and memorable salvage operation did by UNESCO it was destroyed sanctuaries "Isis" aggravate the colossal island of "elephants" (Temple of "elephants"), and transport and re-based on the Nile island adjacent called the island "Ogelka" Agilka is set up with the goal that they are like the island of "Isis" Holy ( "elephants" Island) however much as could reasonably be expected

The most seasoned sanctuary since "elephants" parts to the fourth century BC, however most parts of the current was worked by the Ptolemaic and Roman periods kept going until the third century AD (after Christmas He said the early Christians touches on the island and by moving the fundamental mainstays of the sanctuary lobby to a little church, additionally assembled two houses of worship at the site, and happened in their time bending of a portion of the engravings of the sanctuary of agnosticism, and they said they themselves some Christian engravings, which did not perceive the other of twisting and figures of time the accompanying ages are

The hierarchical structure of the sanctuary

Sanctuary "elephants" was fabricated initially for the love of the goddess "Isis", where they trust they have found the heart of her better half "Osiris" (after he murdered him and cut his sibling lowlife "six") and afterward on "elephants" Island, turned into the island so blessed .. (see likewise: life social, scholarly and investigative in Pharaonic Egypt: Osiris myth .. legend anecdotal demonstrate to us a great deal of the convictions of the old Egyptians today, up water crafts guests to the island "Oglica", where the sanctuary now, and abandon them at Nectanebo Hall base Hall of Nectanebo, the most established parts of the "elephants" bunch. What's more, pass northbound patio outside the sanctuary, which is flanked by lines of sections on both sides, even up to the passageway of the sanctuary, Isis, where the principal structure towers. What's more, in the focal patio of the sanctuary, "Isis" no Almamesy mammisi or "place of birth", which is devoted to the god "Horus", was directed antiquated custom "Almamesy" in festivity of the introduction of the god, and the Kings were enthusiastic to take part in this custom certification of having a place with a strain of god " Horus

What's more, the second driving structure of the sanctuary to the vestibule and into the asylum of Homeland hallowed "to Isis." There step Western viewpoint move to the classroom, "Osiris", the rooms are enlivened with scenes of Nadben, and the engravings "Isis" and her significant other and their child and different divine beings, with - and of course - the engravings of the rulers of the Ptolemies and the Romans, who assembled or partook in building and finishing sanctuary

What's more, on the northern tip of the island of "Oglica" There is a sanctuary Augustus door Diocletian" Diocletian, and there eastern structure Second Temple delightfully "Hathor" is finished with carvings of artists, and South that the guest discovers stall "Trajan" Kiosk of Trajan and engravings finished this booth delineating Emperor " Trajan "It offers progresses" Isis "and" Osiris "and" Horus