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اخر الاخبار

Palais d'Antoniadis (Tourism Alexandria)

The historical backdrop of Palais d'Antoniadis to the Ptolemaic period in Egypt. Gardens contain a great deal of statues that encapsulate the old world big names, for example, Magellan. Castle gardens particular
sublime plan and clean. It contains a few sorts of plants and trees and uncommon blooms
Antoniades Gardens is the most seasoned city of Alexandria, Egypt, is among the most seasoned patio nurseries on the planet and is described by unmistakable plant trees and uncommon.

Fathi Sheik from Cairo: In 1860 AD, the time of "John Antoniades" Trader Greek inhabitant of Alexandria in Egypt to the French craftsman "Paul Richard" make gardens around his castle like Versailles Palace in Paris, setting up greenery enclosures Antoniadis Palace microcosm of Versailles on around 45 sections of land remained Antoniades royal residence until he kicked the bucket in 1895

Advertisement Walt greenhouses and royal residence legacy to his child, who did the will of his dad gave the castle and gardens to the leader of Alexandria in 1918. Furthermore, tricking these greenery enclosures Sultan of Egypt in it, "Ahmed Fouad I" time toward the start of the twentieth century, was distributed three days of his visit to the patio nurseries and appreciate a private rulers of the world and his visitors. It permits individuals to enter whatever is left of the week .. turns after that, "Antoniadis Gardens" to a standout amongst the most imperative in Egypt organic greenhouses speak to open plants historical center, conveying its shores Egyptian vegetable legacy, the vegetation in the place where there is Egypt, and a portion of the plants is of Egyptian cause

Antoniadis Botanical Gardens is one of four galleries plant in Egypt and in addition the authentic significance of her that clarify a teacher of Greek and Romanian relics in the Faculty of Arts, Alexandria University, Dr. Izzat container, saying these greenery enclosures by royal residence worked from the nineteenth century, and has seen numerous vital verifiable occasions, for example, marking Egyptian British 1936 bargain and planted a tree at the time the recreation center was known as the arrangement a tree, and additionally the preliminary meeting for the foundation of the Arab League in 1944 and the decision of Egypt situated within the sight of lord Farouk of Egypt at the time and a portion of the Arab rulers, and the holding of the initially meeting of the Commission on Relief (UNHCR), and the holding of the principal board of trustees for the Olympics, and spent Shah Iran and Sbath Princess Fawzia special night royal residence existing patio nursery and in addition the castle fabricated various European rulers, for example, ruler of Italy Umberto and the lord of Belgium, the lord of Spain and ruler of Albania

The Botanical Garden Palace Antoniadis and one in Alexandria of the most imperative plant gardens in Egypt additionally affirms the Elaf Abdul Razak Ibrahim, the recreation center administrator, taking note of that Square Garden 45 sections of land, incorporates a huge gathering and the estimation of the palm species and semiconductor palm Calcekas Najaf alongside an extensive variety of trees, bushes and climbers and lasting plants blooming every winter and summer annuals and there Ashjarmamrh the recreation center, for example, the fig tree Bengal, which has five hundred years of age

Incorporates "Antoniadis" a few expansions represented Ibrahim said there are patio nursery submersible, a zone of ​​about five sections of land, was built up in 1928, which includes a tremendous scope of blooms and uncommon plants, as they are planned as strips on four levels, and there is the fundamental access to the greenhouse porch with two houses prompts a recreation center opposite which to see the recreation center in full from the top

Additionally incorporates the recreation center property nursery situated at the western end of the Antoniades Park, an expansive size in light of body truss fashioned iron and all angles and roofs are secured with glass, and incorporates nursery territory and nurseries with a zone of ​​7 sections of land, furthermore stop is partitioned into a few interior greenhouses distinctive Boutrz them with French style and Italian-style, Andalusy, and Greco-Roman, notwithstanding a large number of the ancient rarities of statues speaking to the businesses myths of the Greeks, and in addition big name garden and various statues of the banners of 
Europe, for example, Christopher Columbus and Vasco Dejamma