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اخر الاخبار

Nubia Museum (In the city of Aswan)

Nubia Museum follows the historical backdrop of the most seasoned settlements to the present day, in the 
region which is characterized as the region between Aswan in Egypt and Khartoum in Sudan

It was the summit of the endeavors and safeguarded the valuable social legacy, opened in 1997 to house the sublime accumulations which draw in numerous guests from around the globe. The gallery was planned Egyptian designer Mahmoud al-Hakim, engineering and outline had been completed with the most extreme accuracy and superbness in amicability with the encompassing environment of the stones. Slopes. The way of the searing sun of the city of Aswan. The exhibition hall houses a greenery enclosure historical center at the most abnormal amount. Curios from the distinctive times. Ancient hole glorious rough Bnicohh, Nubian House and the encompasses of the lake, the minaret on the Islamic-style entire similar with the obnoxious Fatimid this district. 5000 years of history. The historical center is a window to the world in the long history of Nubia from which you can comprehend the historical backdrop of Nubia, which sounds entangled for some specialists. Expanded property beginning from ancient times to clear up cards in both Arabic and English presentations Nubian human advancement alongside the Egyptian progress. Significance of Nubia with all its numerous quarries most vital quarries diorite and the wellspring of assorted Gemstone, the underlying gathering unmistakable entombment ways, stoneware .. The third gathering through the old state and Central (second century, the third BC) human statues and little creature of sediment blazed. Mixing're useful for both the Egyptian and Nubian developments represent the profundity of relations between them. Vineyard between Central State and advanced, perfect in model from the 25th through the family with imagination in different expressions. Area, which speaks to the real accumulations exhibition hall pieces Blanh and Qustul this disclosure done by the world's archeological and Oalters Imre 1929-1931 and who let him know that he archeologists slightest Tutankhamun's tomb in Egypt, which was found via Carter in 1924 Hua reaction in these graves bunch uncovered Ahali..aloslhh..ouaah rich cluster of ceramics, bronze, silver crowns studded with valuable stones, bronze lights. The 6th century AD, Christian Nubia and what is spoken to by the symbols, Fresco, instruments and utensils Fajarah..alnobh Islamic and a clarification of the progressive acknowledgment of Islam inside the Nuba, Papyrus Bakt, garments Ali Mamluk style, pots painted earthenware styles Persian. Present day Nubia. Re-authorizations of life in the Nuba before uprooting through different bushel of palm fronds, instruments and watering system farming, training, Nubian design, traditions and conventions of various Nubian. Nubia Gallery indented opened in 2001 under the support of the Italian Embassy Scientific Office and is a narrative presentation shows photos of the locales Nubian before salvage around 180 picture gave by the missions that have worked in the Nuba district following 1900 and went on for times of sporadic for a long time through their work tossed light on the craftsmanship 
and social legacy of the session