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اخر الاخبار

Museum of the History of Science (Tourism Alexandria)

History of Science Museum got light on the recorded part of science in Egypt through three essential authentic times; are: Pharaonic Egypt, and Alexandria, Hellenistic, Islamic and Arab progress in the Middle Ages; where the gallery praises researchers who improved their business information and science. The exhibition hall looks to restore exploratory disclosures and accomplishments of the colossal veterans and in addition researchers and interpreters who made it feasible for these activities that go past the obstructions of time and place

What's more, the Museum of the History of Science is not a conventional gallery, it offers a few exercises went for the overall population, particularly school understudies, notwithstanding sorting out a few customary
gallery visits
School incorporates three exhibition halls and herbarium to spare the plant species and in addition significant Botanical Garden your mahram is additionally utilized as a part of the way toward showing understudies in various years of study and get numerous visits from school understudies with a specific end goal to delineate logical ideas and ingrain a feeling of learning and science in these understudies.

Geography Museum

There are at present Geology Department your mahram and has incorporated bundles of minerals and sedimentary rocks and volcanic and transformative both Egyptian deserts or from various parts of the world and in addition gain the historical center models of fossils that portray the old topographical Egyptian rocks and also there are distinctive geographical maps demonstrating the dispersion of common assets in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the sorts of rocks diverse

Branch of Zoology Museum

The historical center gathering of safeguarded and plush toys, for the most part from the Egyptian environment, for example, fish Nilo, reptiles, winged creatures and warm blooded animals notwithstanding a gathering of skeletons of man and the feline and turtle, pigeons, chickens European and frogs, and various skulls, likewise houses the exhibition hall's accumulation of spineless creatures and Algeoffmaoaat and worms, and in addition models of the life cycles of a few bugs

Plant Museum

The gallery houses an expansive number of tests spared speaks to all plant sicknesses, whether contagious or viral or bacterial or because of physiological reasons due Much of the credit for making this exhibition hall to Professor Dr/Hassan Mohamed Yusuf God's benevolence. Likewise included are tests of seeds and plants that are once in a while found in Egypt. The historical center likewise incorporates various green growth spared. Was restored and include new sorts, for example, Lichen (Alaochun: They are stuck on a few sorts of ecological plant abandon even the advantage of an understudy with some distinctive structures) and additionally some fossilized plants following long stretches and in addition add sorts of fancy plants from the greenery enclosure even loan a scene tastefully Ali Museum

Second: lush plant

Natural Herbarium contains a huge accumulation of protected wild plants experimentally up to 6,000 plant examples Department of Plant building school Shatby (6th round), and those plants represent a large portion of the Egyptian blooming plants as it is absolutely characterized with the assistance of books vegetation and comparing with herbarium Cairo University and has gathered specimens from the northern coast and the North and South Sinai and southern Egypt, the area up to the fringes of Sudan and to different locales, serving diverse graduate and research understudies at Alexandria University and different colleges. As a wellspring of dust tests to lead different exploration. Furthermore, serve all the lavish vegetation Darcy Egyptian examples are gathered through exploratory outings for understudies in the last years with the Plant 
Ecology educators and greenery Department of Botany