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اخر الاخبار

Monastery of St. George archaeological (ancient Egypt)

Considered the Monastery of St. George the Great Martyr Mitt Damsis from one of the religious communities, chapels and old archeological dating even before the seventh century.

The city which has the name of the religious community

Its unique name Monia Damsis, one of the old towns said in the laws child kick the bucket At perfect work of art Guidance On artful culmination of oriental works then its name from Monia character to the dead and there were present for its benefit in the year 1228 AH In the year 1259 AH isolated from a dead Damsis part then again as the Kafr Abu Greg was independent, while it is a piece of a dead Damsis lodging. At the point when disentangling the reins of the Directorate of Dakahlia year 1903 incorporated the lead in this treachery to the dead Damsis and turned into the name of a dead hand Damsis and Kafr Abu Greg.

St. George religious community by a few places of worship

Deface Girgis Church who left the holy arm, which was brought by one of the Egyptians from the Palestinian city of Lod and gave him to the abbot around then stays in the spot of the congregation and to the significance of this congregation expounded on researchers and Bagesn intrigued temples and religious communities archeological .otklm St. John Alngiwsy in the seventh century and this affirms Church existed before the seventh century, and this demonstrates the religious community Old and archeological. in "Christian book in Egypt, antiquated and cutting edge," imprinted in 1965 for splendid - Anto Rahenedos who went by Mitt Damsis 1963 notice this congregation and the nearness of the remaining parts of the considerable saint St. George Mitt Damsis

How did the remaining parts of the Great Martyr St. George Damsis to the dead

It was said that an Egyptian who lived in Lydda, Palestine came there to stamp the sanctification of the congregation and when he saw the wonders and magnificence of the festivals consider to take his immaculate body and carried him to Egypt to win from behind cash and Vera after the celebration completes bargain on the congregation and stole his arm and came back to Egypt via ocean and amid his voyages appeared to him heavenly attendant and stirred from rest, instructing him to go to the cloister of extraordinary saint St. George Mitt Damsis him Taher arm of the abbot. He couldn't have cared less for it, yet after rehashed to him the occasion kept on seeing it to Mitt Damsis when he touched base during the evening taken it thumping on the entryway of the religious circle And there was a quarrel amongst him and the custodian on the effect got the president and he had missed his heavenly attendant who let him know the issue of the arm and requested that the porter enter the cloister and rang the ringers of the religious community and wake up the friars and conveyed St. arm profoundly love and praised an awesome festival befitting the undying stature which still exists some place in the congregation and was informed that a man attempted to take from the present church around evening time could no more walk yet affixes set up until the morning and saw an extensive number of the general population of the town stayed on this case to that conceded and reported his apology earnest petitions rains and could stroll on his feet and left the spot and demonstrate the date that his unadulterated body was brought by a man from Lod in the rule of Pope Gabriel (88) and commended an incredible festival. It is said that there is a custom that Queen Helena is manufactured and the three holy places as the Virgin Mary, and the Martyr St. George and St. Takla Abyssinian and her headscarf Old and neighborhood crosses and stars and an eatery with ivory year age 954 u and the revering of St. Didymus the Blind, a rectangular shape and little size. As there are old symbols of the Virgin Mary and St. Demiana, St. St George, Saint Anthony and the Archangel Michael

What's more, the Church of the Virgin Mary old has Andrthurt the progression of time and the little book of the Coptic Museum manual for St. George Mitt Damsis cloister with two chapels, one of St. George and the other of the Virgin Mary at her and chapels in one spot Mtlasqtan and one more seasoned than the other and this affirms the Church of the Virgin existed until the twelfth mountain. What's more, the Church of St. George the Second was established in 1875 in the rule of St. Basil the Great Bishop seat of Jerusalem and the Near East, Dakahlia, Damietta, Eastern and some Western nations, an awful shape, with three sacred places for the benefit of St. George and St. Anthony and the Archangel Michael hijab working of red block Greek and appearances in light of the fact that the painter who painted these photos of Christian Jerusalem 
who was impacted by the Byzantine craftsmanship