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اخر الاخبار

Mausoleum of Aga Khan (Aswan City)

Is the tomb of Aga Khan III, Sultan Mohammed Shah, who passed on in 1957. The holy place was based 
on the example and style of the tombs of the Fatimid Cairo, it was worked of limestone pink

Aga Khan .. name has a history settles on a level over the western side of the city in the focal island of the Nile in Aswan, where Prince Mohammed Shah Aga Khan tomb of Imam second session of the Ismaili faction

Burial ground ignoring the antiquated royal residence of King Farouk who is currently "Waterfall" lodging, and the other side neglecting the graveyard and Greco-Roman sanctuary "Sataat" which was worked by Queen Hatshepsut

Constructed Prince graveyard beside his royal residence on the graves of the Fatimid model in old Egypt, utilizing the marble Almmermra unadulterated, to keep on witnessing to the affection for an incredible story gathered between Prince "Aga Khan" and Vatanth French sales representative Roses "Yvette to Abdos" in the late thirties of the most recent century, when chance brought them while going to a regal function in Egypt, where he was welcome to Abdos subsequent to winning the title of Miss France 1938

Shaken the still, small voice of the sovereign, matured 68 years, when the first of his looks tasty French, and when the heart pulsates uproarious conceded her profound respect, the test starts with reality

It endured the romantic tale of social customs, how to wed the Prince of salesman roses, and also the young lady was thirty years his lesser, however following a year of their meeting succeeded in the force of adoration delegated ruler on the throne of the Ismaili group after her marriage to Prince

Sovereign "Aga Khan" endowment exciting about one million Swiss francs, and in the wake of joining the faction turned into the name "Umm Habiba", and conveyed the title of "Begum Aga Khan," as it was known as the spouse of Prince at the time, and moved to Egypt to supplement her existence with the proprietor of her heart, and for helpful reasons. He endured Prince of joint inflammation and agony in the bones, where the favored settlement in Aswan prepared Aga Khan castle for his better half to Iqima it together, until he passed away

He passed on "Aga Khan" following quite a while of building the burial ground, yet his significant other chose to stay by the body and has lived by the royal residence supplement love him and imitated fixation on "red roses" and "silver

She focused, "Umm Habiba," the watchmen to put a red rose in a glass of silver over the tomb of Prince, to be supplanted by a day, for the duration of their lives, as the royal residence garden planted in the same roses that was favored by the sovereign, yet set over the graveyard did not mitigate the anguish of division that Almtha on Although the graveyard had a day, provoking her to go to Cannes, France live on the memory of its emir, to return from time to time in a yearly arrangement to the castle to make proper acquaintance and remember her recollections with her beau, and prescribed covered beside Prince before her passing.

What's more, detested the Princess of abuse guest to the burial ground, which was a vacation spot where sightseers viewing the extravagance field and red roses that were changed day by day, and requested its conclusion. Expressed in her will likewise change depending ascended after her demise as she was an image of adoration, which was gathered by her better half

In 2000, the Princess has kept in touch with her passing last words in the myth of affection, when he moved her body to the burial ground by the Prince Aga Khan
What's more, it turned into the graveyard hallowed place after the demise of Princess followers of the order Ismailia on the planet, where Qboha the "Mother of the Ismailis" and spoke to them an astounding case for the spouse that she adored her better half and is true to him until death, particularly that the Aga Khan served as the best image of the faction, yet the burial ground is additionally swung to the holy place for the beaus tells the commemoration month darlings in the most recent century

Sovereign Mohammed Shah Aga Khan put his tomb in Aswan, where he was spending the winter months, did not expect that it will keep on being the memory of an affection that does not bite the dust amongst him and "Umm Habiba

What's more, his relatives, his grandson, His Highness the Aga Khan, who succeeded him in driving the Shia Imami Ismaili and the imam forty-ninth of the order innate, and who established the Aga Khan Development Network, which concerned the zones of assortment on the planet between the provincial society and expressions of the human experience, music, monetary advancement, philanthropic, instruction, wellbeing and help improvement came

Huge undertaking and work in a few regions, most prominently in Egypt, Al-Azhar Park constructing and get
ready now for the multi-story carport to suit guests to the recreation center