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اخر الاخبار

Luxor Museum (Tourist city of Luxor)

The exhibition hall is situated on the Nile Corniche, the city of Luxor in southern Egypt focus. A two-story gallery, made on the primary floor, we locate the uncommon impacts, for example, stone head of Amenhotep III, the leader of the divine beings Hathor, the cow body, and others. The second floor, Faihoa set of engraved stones, an accumulation of statues of Akhenaten, decorations, works of art, and numerous different impacts
The gallery houses an uncommon gathering of Pharaonic a few families, since it has 349 archeological pieces going back to different periods, introduced in sequential request, and additionally different pieces in his store, and blessing shop at the passage

Luxor Museum and planned particularly for the recovery of the legacy of the old city of Thebes, has likewise designated a range of ​​8400 square meters of greenery enclosure to present them are a portion of alternate impacts of Luxor through the ages

The gallery itself shows a gathering of the most excellent landmarks speaking to various periods of antiquated Egyptian human progres

It comprises Luxor Museum of two stories, the principal contains various relics uncommon, it has been found to keep up, including the head of god "eradicated - Wort" on cow body made of painted wood with gold body, with two centuries of copper and eyes trimmed stone lapis lazuli Quran, and its base-plated dark wax, to speak to the haziness in the other world, and speaks to the statue, which is a type of the god Hathor, the goddess of joy and love, which gets setting sun each day furthermore recently souls of the expired, likewise houses the head floor rock statue of Amenhotep III and a statue of the god Amun and Ras uncommon lord Senusert third , - grand statue of ruler Thutmose III of schist and the most excellent and the greatest statue in Egypt alabaster stone god throwing and Amenhotep III and Karnak board that included content Hiroglivia admiration to strife with the Hyksos leaders of Thebes

While the upper floor, contains a gathering of statues of the most imperative statues of Akhenaten, and various artistic creations memorial service Coptic, and various engraved stones known Baltlataat which was a piece of one of the sanctuaries of Akhenaten in the eastern end of the Temple of Karnak, it has been amassed, where he found the engravings demonstrating the day by day and religious life the sanctuary and a portion of the furniture and decorations and utensils property and special necklaces

There are additionally bits of stone engraved with a photo of the King "Aamnhotb II", which is on the chariot, and before the vehicle there is an objective of copper penetrated by four bolts, and also different pieces by Akhenaten and his significant other Atabadan to the sun god "Aten

Among the most critical disclosures of the historical center, which recognizes him from others, it was assigned room in the gallery where the greater part of the statues that left the store west side in the patio Oamnanb third Luxor Temple shows, which were concealed shrewd path by ministers of the god "Amon" to shield it from any contamination, which was found on January 22, 1989, under the tomahawks of rock amid uncovering work to quantify the water table in the yard of the private Luxor Temple of lord Amenhotep the third, after the development of the removal work was the statue twofold ruler "Horemheb" revelation, after which the previous President Hosni Mubarak went by the sanctuary Luxor to see the reserve at the statues, were shown in a private exhibition hall corridor, where every statue shows on a bit of stone

The exhibition hall likewise houses a statue of the lord, "Horemheb" before God, "Amon" stooping, presents the topical of wine, and in addition the crocodile god Sobek alabaster, which was found in 1967 over the span of building a trench in Dhmhh town in the town of Armant west of the region, where he found inside a passage statue This is the statue is one of the curios of King Aamnhotb third, remaining to one side of the god Sobek, the state of the leader of a crocodile human body, wearing the crown of the alleged "Alatq", and his right hand holding the way to life, as we see with the lord's face is loaded with youth and essentialness.

Among the unmistakable statues likewise in King Amenhotep III statue gallery, stone pink Alkuartezit, and has a stature of two meters and a half, and also King Thutmose III, who drove more than 14 military crackdown on Asian statue, where the facial components are caring and grin calm of the King appear, which is made of green schist, which was found in the Karnak reserve

And in addition a statue of the piece to the priest, "Ness Pava Chuti", was discovered Balkhbayih, a twofold and a statue of nineteen of the family, notwithstanding King Tutankhamun wheel warship which was found in his tomb incoherent and were utilized for chasing and work out

Luxor Museum additionally shows parts of Egyptian innovativeness in designing, engineering, and incorporates development measuring instruments, which are found in the tomb of one of the specialists of Deir el-Medina, and incorporate a rundown was utilized to gauge the measure of structures point engraved with the name "Knapp Nxto", notwithstanding wooden device molded edge "a" with a string and a bit of stone pineapple used to quantify level surfaces, and the equalization of my head blend, glass and powder "Alvins" made of hot quartz blended with a few metals, which were utilized Kokwab, and afterward utilized as a part of the funerary pieces, for example, the scarab

The exhibition hall additionally houses an artistic creation of King Camus, a board of limestone, which is one of two artworks appoints King Camus in the third year of his rule shows etching triumph over the Hyksos, and in addition a statue of the essayist and insightful "Amenhotep, child of Hapu," one ranking staff and I willspare them, who was president and administrator of the work and undertakings of King Amenhotep III

And also a statue of the essayist royalist and head of shooters, "Thai", a twofold and a statue "to Baser and his better half," was found in Fort Hill Alahbuh North Sinai Governorate, and the statue of "Neb Ra", and a statue of alabaster found the Temple of Karnak, and another of King Ramses II Double Crown, and in addition little monolith of King Ramses III, the four face hieroglyphic written work the name of the lord

There is likewise a historical center four mummies, two are some time recently, and the other two Maxuhtan cloth, of which one was obtained by the Niagara Falls Museum in 1800, where he stayed for quite a while, did not think around one that purchased Michael Carlos Museum Atlanta order of the United States in 2006 after it was examination, I realized that it is possessed by the late eighteenth Dynasty, and maybe this is the mummy of lord Ramses I, author of the nineteenth family, the recently Michael Museum gave the mummy of the general population of Atlanta to the general population of Egypt

And in addition the mummy of King Ahmose I, which was added to the gallery's property in March 2004, as a feature of the redesigns at the historical center, which incorporated a guests focus and add a substantial presentation of the rebuilding of the dividers of Akhenaten Temple at Karnak

Suppositions were consistent that the most startling travelers after their visit to the historical center, is a strategy for chiseling statues expressive, which symbolizes the creativity and authority of antiquated Egyptian craftsman, in the face protracting, and ear, nose, and harden lips and Tamoejeha, and to highlight the button

As Samia Abdul Aziz, Director General of the Luxor Museum said for "Entryway News" that the historical center is because of open to the time of previous President Anwar Sadat at home to the President of the Republic of France at the time, Valerie Jasekar de Stan, on December 16, 1975, following 14 years of hard exertion which started in 1962, was the first to build up the exhibition hall in 1984 to set up an inner width put the old offer, then previous President Hosni Mubarak opened the reserve Hall in 1992 and the most recent advancement was the work of the extension of a second to the gallery by setting up the greatness Hall Taiba in 2004 to incorporate another arrangement of ancient rarities serious brilliance including warrior King Horemheb and his significant other's demise came about

She Semitic that the gallery has 349 archeological pieces from various periods untouched and did not subjected to burglaries, and is one of the world run of the mill historical center was introduced by the World Engineer Mahmoud al-Hakim, who got the State Merit Award at the time and the configuration of famous designer Wisa Abdel Nour, taking note of that the passage charge for outsiders 100 pounds for each individual and 5 pounds for remote understudies and 10 pounds to the Egyptians and 5 pounds to the Egyptian understudies, and that most guests relics from the Egyptians, particularly after the episode of the January 25 upheaval.

She included that the most vital statues of the historical center, is the lord "Akhenaten" statue, proprietor of a religious upheaval, which Abdul "Aten" divine force of the sun, and make him "one god", which has exchanged the funding to the city of "Amarna" Minya governorate, and that the greater part of what Visitors requested that see it in the exhibition hall is the reserve of statues, two imperial mummies, one of ruler Ramses I, and in addition papyrus which talks book of the dead, and the voyage of the expired to the next world, and cutting in from the immaculate gold of lord Tutankhamun, and additionally discover regal mummies of Fronan statues "Aloohpti , a magnificent statues of wood plated with gold, and the capacity of the perished lord administration in the other world

The heavenly to the gallery got an exceptional trophy in 2013 on the event of the most noteworthy rate of guests amazing in the Middle East through the Museums "Tripadvisor" poll site.

As Sana focused on, general director of Upper Egypt Museums, in her remarks for "Entry News" that the Luxor Museum saw an extensive turnout of guests Egyptians in conjunction with the festival of the International Day of Museums, alluding to the National Council of Museums "ICOM" festivity started this day in 1977, and was the concurrence with the UNESCO and the Supreme Council of Antiquities to be the 
day on the eighteenth of every year, praise it to be at the level of 129 nations including 32 exhibition hall