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اخر الاخبار

Kalabsha Temple(Aswan City)

The present area of the Temple of Kalabsha on Lake Nasser is not the site of the first sanctuary, it was moved in 1970 to the new area and which will be called (new Kalabsha). Transport prepare likewise incorporated a portion of the landmarks of Nubia debilitated to suffocate. The sanctuary devoted to the love of the god Mndolees Nubian ripeness and sun god at the Nubians, has set out on the development of the sanctuary the Roman sovereign Octavian Augustus (30-14 BC). The sanctuary where he was at the time one of the biggest sanctuaries of Egypt's Nubian-style. The sanctuary Oktar outline plans basic in that time of the Ptolemaic period. It has an expressed, patio, sections Hall Baladhav into three compartments of the Holy of Holies. It is trusted that the sanctuary was based on old structures going back to the rule of Ptolemy IX which is clear from the lodge of the sanctuary. Inside the patio and encompassing the days between Jnaptha lines of segments on three of its angles. There on the divider that isolates the yard and lobby columns engraved for Aurelius Besarion representative Ambus and Aswan (around 249 AD), pronounced in the engraving swine removed from the town and for religious purposes. What's more, the back of the passageway there are scenes delineating a Ptolemaic lords offering penances to Isis and Mndolees. There is additionally a perspective of King Amenhotep II, who established the first sanctuary depicted offers a wine offerings to the god Min and Mndolees. After the vestibule are three loads where the sarcophagus of the sanctuary, and also diverse perspectives of King encompassed by the divine forces of Upper and Lower Egypt appear, where there Amun, Ptah and Maine, King additionally gets water from the hallowed purging of Horus and Thoth. There are likewise different scenes delineating King is giving offerings to Osiris, Isis and Mndolees