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اخر الاخبار

High Dam (city of Aswan)

High Dam was implicit Lasswade on account of President Gamal Abdel Nasser somewhere around 1960 and 197 the year, taking after the development of the dam shaped Lake Nasser known. What's more, it is 
described by the way that the western fragment dam was composed on a lotus blossom shape
High Dam undertaking is an old venture thanks in put to the Greek designer "Daios", has as of now been made by more than Egyptian government before the upset, however he didn't convey a base reaction notwithstanding for the guarantee of examination task and its monetary achievability, and in 1953 offered his task of new to the progressive summon Council, yet this time got significant consideration by the progressive authority and alloted wing leader Jamal Salem, an individual from the progressive order Council to accept obligation regarding this anticipate, and additionally experts in specific chambers and bodies who will research and study

I have effectively built up a progressive authority, which took power in July 1952 advancement at the highest point of their worries the issue after In the prologue to its plan, and tried to evacuate any obstructions that were experienced in the national capital or outside commitment in the improvement, and Law No. 213 issued in 1952 in October/October 1952 by which the foundation of the Permanent Council of the creation of an autonomous body partnered with the Council of Ministers and accept the errand of pursuit and investigation of major monetary tasks that would be of generation on a national level advancement, and the improvement of an incorporated national arrangement for financial advancement

The Council started to create point by point investigations of a few improvement ventures in watering system, horticultural extension, oil refining Pipelines and advancement of mineral assets, transportation and different areas in the structure of a long haul vision of the Egyptian economy

Subsequently it was characteristic that the draft of the High Dam due consideration underway Council in the wake of being energetic about his initiative of the insurgency on the political level, and has as of now been the arrangement of a sub-advisory group containing various individuals from the Revolutionary Command Council and various individuals from the creation leading group of specialists and experts, headed by Jamal Salem for further research and study for this anticipate, the Commission held a few gatherings at the base camp of the Revolutionary order Council of the island, a portion of the Greek designer Daios went to, and finished after broad studies to perceive the value of the undertaking and the need to execute it likewise gave suggestions to that impact to the Revolutionary summon Council, who concurred on a basic level to actualize the task and to start step in such manner

The initial step is to arrange a progression of addresses on the High Dam, and started addresses and workshops in the Army Officers' Club in Zamalek, where various expert specialists talked and clarified the measurements of the undertaking and what anticipates him of return, as another arrangement of addresses in the Engineers Association was held in the Egyptian Society of Engineers focused all in all making general conclusion on the exploratory, political and mainstream levels for this anticipate

We speak to the fundamental obstruction which avoided research or actualize a venture of this scale in the time of pre-insurgency is the nonattendance of political steadiness, for instance, there was the charge of the Aswan Dam extend, a task was the subject of an offering between the gatherings in their projects, and utilize it as a purposeful publicity device and a way to pick up force then rapidly ousted extend and collapsed into obscurity to come other fanatic government reestablished the same situation, and when he came the upset did promptly for the jolt of the Aswan dam, and worked in the meantime to include a remote counseling firms in the investigation of the high dam venture along the Egyptian specialists who are better capacities huge and capabilities and worldwide likewise here, and every one of the studies have affirmed the security of the undertaking as far as monetary reasonability for the eventual fate of Egypt, was among the individuals who took the investigation of the undertaking was authoritatively the global Bank for reproduction and Development, has effectively arranged a study exhibited by Eugene Black, was an outline of the condition of the Egyptian economy will permit the finishing of high dam venture

As specialists from the United States, Britain, West Germany and France to arrange with the charge of the gathering research venture it came and took all of architects Mohammed Sidqi Suleiman and Mahmoud Younis and Samir Helmy, Ahmed Abdo Sharabasi and Ibrahim Zaki Kenawy and Musa Arafat and others coordinate with these specialists and furnish them with the important to put the required studies on offices The undertaking

That a task of this extent needed a political choice, intense, and it was Gamal Abdel Nasser appreciate seeing a long haul system did not take a rushed choice was not his positions coming from the response, and afterward it has assimilated every one of the discoveries of specific specialized studies for the High Dam venture and tried to change over it to a "fantasy patriot" should enroll him every one of the capacities and mastery to place it without hesitation and started to put it on its plan in the talks and gatherings with both Arab and outside authorities as in the progressing exchanges about it exchanged with the Co Tito and Nehru, and took searching for wellsprings of financing, and it appeared submitting it to the Bank global for recreation and Development, which said in a report distributed in the month of June 1955 the undertaking's reasonability, and expressed that the report likewise "that Egypt received eight million dollars for the execution of a portion of the preliminary work for the task incorporates the development of railroads, and lodging for the laborers at the site," in August/August that year the bank issued another report affirms the capacity of the Egyptian economy on the usage of the venture, and in September 1955 declared some Western and French, British, German organizations offered offers to take an interest in the usage of the undertaking as a "consortium

It appeared that the venture has the enthusiasm for political circles in both the United States and Britain have thought of it as a chance to connection bolster improvement arranges started by the Revolution on one side, and the foundation of a local framework that guarantees Western interests and opens the path for a settlement with "Israel" on the other. Soviet Union enters as an outsider in the opposition, particularly subsequent to holding the Czech arms bargain started in September in 1955 and in the meantime the Declaration of news arrangement Soviet envoy in Cairo said his nation is prepared to add to the working of the High Dam, and select this commitment help and specialized hardware and assets are reimbursed wares amid the quarter century, and has prompted an extraordinary frenzy in the West, and moved Britain to caution Washington of the Soviet risk coming

Nasser has tried the goals of the West again after endeavors to get the weapon from him fizzled started Dr. Abdel Moneim El-Kaissouni Minister of Economy arrangement of visits to Western capitals and held numerous transactions, which brought about an assention on a basic level declared by the US State Department on December 16/December 1955 requires that The World Bank and the United States and Britain financing the high dam venture at an expense of $ 1.3 billion to be circulated as takes after

1. Give $ 70 million to the primary period of the task (The United States gives $ 56 million, and Britain give $ 14 million)

2. Give $ 200 million to the second stage as an advance from the World Bank, notwithstanding another $ 130 million credit from the United States and $ 80 million advance from Britain, to be paid in portions Photos yearly loan fee of 5% payable more than forty years

3. Whatever is left of the sum borne by Egypt in neighborhood coin

4. What's more, the main Mnhtan from the United States in the measure of twenty million pounds and the second of Britain, a five and a half million pounds

During an era when the transactions on the financing of the Aswan High Dam take this positive track on the surface of political relations between Egypt was with respect to the greater part of the United States and Britain then again take an alternate way on account of the clash of collusions and arrangement weapons and assaults, "Israeli" in Gaza and others additionally brought up, has it appeared glaringly evident willingness two nations to have weight leaves the July upheaval is conflicting with the methodology sought after by the last on the autonomy of the choice and demand complete flexibility from any outside weight 0 came the conditions set by the two nations for the usage of higher financing the dam understanding affirming this pattern, it has been joined by the past presentation to the accompanying conditions

1. Egypt is centering its improvement on the High Dam to exchange 33% of its national wage for a time of ten years for this anticipate with the control other monetary ventures

2. Set up controls to encourage diminish swelling and government spending, and blue pencil the Egyptian government costs and concessions to outside or outer obligation. Egypt and not to acknowledge credits or different assentions to be held in such manner simply after the endorsement of the World Bank.

3. maintenance reexamine the financing approach in instances of need

These terms and irritated President Nasser, it was more similar to the circumstance that won amid the rule of Khedive Asmailoontj that the entire instance of loss of trust in the likelihood of helping the United States in the usage of the undertaking, and finished the President to appraise the position persuaded him that sense, however he was quick to stay away from a meeting to the last minute so unfurling US position uproarious and clear and unequivocal in the light of the rehashed messages that battle back channels and authority visits of American authorities, which affirmed one actuality is the request of the US side to control the insurgency 
strategies and push it into the way o