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اخر الاخبار

Hanging Church (Old Cairo)

Hanging Church is situated in Old Cairo neighborhood, in the Cairo region Coptic archeological essential, they are near the Mosque of Amr ibn al-As, and the Temple of Ben Ezra, the Jewish, and the Church of St. Mina beside the stronghold of Babylon, and the Church of the Martyr Mercurius (Abu Seven), and numerous different holy places. Bamuallqh named on the grounds that it was based on the two towers of the old towers of the Roman (Fortress of Babylon), it was worked by Emperor Trajan in the second century The congregation was based on the remains of a spot where dug in Holy Family (Mary, the Christ Child, and St. Joseph the craftsman) amid the three years they spent in Egypt to escape Herod legislative leader of Palestine who had requested the slaughtering of youngsters inspired by a paranoid fear of prediction dereliction. Furthermore, some consider it to be a spot to griddle (a position of isolation) was in, the friars carry on a ladies in one of the stone cut basements set up

Restored a few times amid the Islamic period church visits in the progression of Harun al-Rashid, when asked Patriarch Anba Morcos from the senator to approve the reestablishment of the Church. What's more, again amid the rule of Al-Aziz Billah, who permitted the Patriarch Ephrem Syriac restoration of all the places of worship of Egypt, and repair what was devastated. Third time in the period of Ali az-Zahir. Was the home office for a large number of the patriarchs since the skeptic century, and was the patriarch Christodoulos is the principal who has taken the Hanging Church central command for Pope of Alexandria, has various patriarchs covered in hundreds of years nonbeliever, XII, and there are still with photograph symbols and church lit with candles, and it was held by the trials of ministers and clerics, and the trials of apostates, as well, is an essential spot of journey for the Copts, as displayed by the verifiable, and a connection to the spot of the Holy family, and their nearness among the houses of worship and cloisters of holy people cleared, making it simple to visit them AD, the extraordinary and is viewed as the most established places of worship
 that still wait in Egypt
Interface church is situated on the western perspective Mari Girgis Street, one of the two stories. There is a wellspring before her, inclination has constructed the acclaimed basilica, comprising of three wings and front anteroom and the structure is conveyed more than 3 sections, which are rectangular fit as a fiddle, and generally little Voavadha around 23.5 meters in length and 18.5 meters wide and 9.5 meters high. It comprises of a primary dish and two wings little, and their eight sections on every side, and between the dish and the northern wing of a line of enormous three segments by many years of decreased shape, and the segments that different the wings are of marble except for one of the dark basalt, and noticed that the quantity of the segment capitals "Corinthian" style. On the eastern side of the congregation, there are three structures are: East holds the Blessed Virgin Mary's name, and right in the interest of St. John the Baptist
and left as the St. Mary Girgis
Before these structures, there is a wooden special necklaces, and most remarkably the cloak East made of dark decorated with ivory straightforward, because of the second century or the thirteenth, and engraved with geometric outlines excellent, crosses, and finished with symbols delineating Christ on the throne, and on the right hand of the Virgin Mary and the holy messenger Gabriel and St. Subside's and to one side of John the Baptist and Archangel Michael and St. Paul, the most astounding sacrificial stone inside this structure there depends on four columns wooden umbrella, and his successor, sitting pastorate stage. In the conservative of the congregation, it was suspended parts of the Egyptian national daily papers, on a divider attentive occasions and scenes from the late history of the Church, on the Copts in Egypt, and maybe the most vital of the Blessed Virgin Mary showed on the congregation area olives in the wake of the thrashing of the 1967 war
After the appointment of Pope Khrstodhuls moved from St. Imprint's Church in Alexandria, Egypt, he was taken pending the evident importance of Fustat church-based. He likewise reestablished the Church of St. Marcarius and make it a noteworthy Cathedral and the focal point of his seat, furthermore make the Virgin Mary church in the area of tumors based shielded him when vital and that the assent of the religious administrator of Babylon. The explanation behind this move is the enormity of the city of Alexandria to the city of Cairo, and the huge number of Christians where, yet its relationship with the legislature. It got to be Pope delegates cleric of Alexandria as the specialist of Saint Mark "Word reference of the Fathers of the
Church and the holy people," Dictionary of the Fathers of the Church and the holy people