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اخر الاخبار

Garden Palace park (Tourism Alexandria)

It is a residential community in Alexandria, where King Farouk was staying while in Alexandria. Containing a few greenhouses loaded with palm trees, plants and roses. Sitting above Algosraly Shati. It has a few 
habitats for amusement, and a few eateries of different Eastern and Western food
Gardens Royal Park is a gathering of fenced greenery enclosures, possesses 370 sections of land in the recreation center east of the city of Alexandria neighborhood in Egypt, neglecting the cove, known as the Bay of the recreation center was claimed by previous top to the regal family in Egypt, and there are five shorelines for swimming, including Hatian two uncommon expansion to the short fundamental regal park in view of the model of Italian and Florentine additionally Salamlek Palace transformed into a lavish lodging (Salamlek Palace) notwithstanding a gambling club Aotaatmaz park gardens mangroves Ohod collectible and uncommon blossoms where gatherings of plants and blooms scattered in the greenhouses Care

These parks have been set up in more than a hundred years, where is the Khedive Abbas Hilmi II worked in the territory was abandoned and confined at the time. Inside the greenery enclosures vacationer offices made after the Egyptian transformation to serve the pioneers of open parks, including the eateries and visitor focus and a coordinated golf and chalets. Gardens neglecting the five shorelines are Aida Cleopatra Venice and Semiramis notwithstanding a private shoreline Alnan Hotel Palestine, which contains a water toys and plunging verifiable diagram

Khedive Abbas Hilmi II inspired by the locale while he was strolling on its coast, joined by a band was playing at the time and chose that the zone incorporates a royal residence and patio nurseries for a late spring. 'Regulated Khedive himself on the greenery enclosure singing association and approached the name of the castle is one (Palace park)

Regal Palace park

Greenery enclosures and royal residence after the upheaval

Alawite family proceeded with enthusiasm for those parks and considered a noteworthy summer resort of the imperial family until the evening of the last ruler Farouk I Alawite family in Egypt .. that the insurgency of July 1952. Which opened stops and shorelines of the recreation center to people in general. The Salamlek Palace was transformed into a complex lodging while opening rich royal residence in the wake of the transformation before the group for the visit before joining the royal residences Presidency bunch lives visitors Egypt from presidents and lords. In 1964. Held inn named "the Palestine Hotel" neglecting the Gulf mystical performer .. seeing the second Arab summit facilitated by Egypt in Alexandria stay (from 5
September 11, 1964) .. The principal Arab summit was held in Cairo on January 13 of that year, 1964