Deir al-Bahari ( Valley of the Kings Road, Luxor) - tourism in Egypt

اخر الاخبار

Deir al-Bahari ( Valley of the Kings Road, Luxor)

Bahari is an accumulation of Pharaonic sanctuaries and tombs in the West Bank of the Nile River, this religious community was developed of Queen Hatshepsut and named after her, and called the Deir al-Bahari at a later stage. The sanctuary comprises of three strips isolated mounting upward way
Abdul "Bahari" or Queen Hatshepsut Temple is a sanctuary of the sanctuaries are extremely renowned everywhere throughout the world. He got to be known as the "Sanctuary of Bahari" in light of the fact that the Christians utilized it as a religious community as a part of the seventh century AD

Requested Queen Hatshepsut sanctuary be worked to sustain her memory in the chest of a mountain feign at Tayba Bank, north of the burial ground with funerary sanctuary, which was brought by Mentuhotep Neb Ra enriched rulers of the Eleventh Dynasty ruled by a time of up to five hundred years
The Queen, "Hatshepsut" are the lords of the fifth session, eight o'clock family likewise has a place with the King, "Tutankhamun." She is the little girl "Thutmose I" and Wife "second Tuthmosis" has gotten the decision with "Thutmose III," which was the child of her better half from a Gariaat, and it was in the meantime a couple of her girl, and stayed until her passing in 1484 BC, holding the reins in the kingdom, was administering jus for the duration of her life, and kept the "Thutmose III" from force, it was not portrayed to him would not lead, in any case it was a female has spoken to itself on the statues as a man

He planned and actualized the sanctuary development engineer "pass on" Queen's Counsel and one near it, which has a place with his catch humble "Armant" however turned into his exertion the primary president to get the imperial family, and the leader of the gathering god "Amon", and is in charge of all development, and that has accomplished the best victories profession ever, has managed the creation and exchange of monoliths worked by "Hatshepsut" in the sanctuary, "Amon Ra" Karnak. The funerary sanctuary, worked in the "Bahari" he magnum opus splendidly show for advancement.

Started in the development of this sanctuary in the eighth year of the rule of Awaltasa Queen Hatshepsut has been utilized as a decent limestone as a part of a valuable and not a sandy yellow stone quarries knot Mount smooth running (south of Edfu) similar to the case in the organization of the sanctuaries of memorialization,

Vhid Engineer "pass on" sanctuary on the three substantial plate as galleries over the other one of them and ruled him pyramid (or monolith) and the internment chamber, however included him corners for love and to build up customs for each of Amon Ra Hor sister and Anubis and the divine beings Hathor has not utilized the Temple of Hatshepsut to play out the custom that will advantage the Queen Hatshepsut or her dad Tuthmosis I and his better half, oR (II), yet he was committed essentially to the best love of the god Amun God Tiba additionally developed houses of prayer for each of the god Ra Hor sister lord of Heliopolis, and also the god Anubis lord of the dead and God Hathor woman of the West

Also, the Temple of Hatshepsut, gives an unmistakable photo of the signs of threatening vibe and family religious; enmity family we see a reasonable refinement between Queen Hatshepsut, who was capable quality and character that ventured Thutmose III from the throne of Egypt for his young age; and this we see his outrage plainly retaliatory in each Mabaky of Queen Hatshepsut impacts. He has his supporters crushed statues and Khto the vast majority of their names and twisted what we have achieved their hands of the best. This we see apparent on the dividers of this Almabd.ama Fenrah religious antagonistic vibe in the rule of Akhenaten, who made his so called religious against the god Amun, his clerics and his devotees remained by misshaping pictures god Amun, and scratched names. He requested King Ramses II then reestablished some Machoh of perspectives and the writings of this sanctuary; and consequently deified name on it and that was the rebuilding, which was done amid his rule is considered lower nature of work of art that was actualized in 
 the period of the Eighteenth Dynasty, and King additionally included Merenptah his name some of its parts