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اخر الاخبار

Bey Citadel (Tourism in Alexandria)

This mansion is situated in the antiquated beacon of Alexandria spot which crushes the year 702 AH, and is one of the seven miracles of the world. The stronghold is encompassed Mediterranean ocean on three sides 
and can be delighted in from the recognizable proof of the Mamluk structural arranging of the year 882 AH
Fortress, Fort acclaimed in Alexandria of Egypt points of interest when all is said in done. Requested Bbnaha Sultan al-Ashraf Qaitbay time of his notable visit to Alexandria in the mid year of 1477, and detectable worked around two years and has had the Sultan Qaitbay years in 1479 after he fabricated what he closed.

Sultan al-Ashraf Qaitbay was one of the biggest condition of the Mamluk sultans tower and Mamluk state for the most part led Egypt for a long time from 1468 to 1496.

History [edit]

In March the year 882 AH (June 1477 m) observed Sultan Qaitbay in Cairo Prophet Muhammad's birthday and after they separated the generator descended from the mountain fortification and with the exception of the exemplary nature of Giza is the general population Matakhadd sight of it, and from that point ventured out to Alexandria in the organization of countless and Mamluks bowl and requested Egypt grown-up Elly them was Prince Azibk Atabeg the Egyptian armed force and the engineer of Uzbek District and Prince connected with Aldoadar and others.

Atzant Alex to the ground and Atrft banners and standards in all perspectives, and what turned out the group arrived Qaitbay get him extraordinary happiness and in the front line and to Alexandria at the time, "Akjmas ISHAQI." People coated the city's boulevards and Qaitbay entered in the parade pomp expansive quantities of invigorating Almetzanh fabrics and vivid seats Dahab, silver and strolled Alammera and Mamluks before him, and it was demonstrated from the times of Alex Day. Atnther Dahab on Qaitbay and Cutter bump and scramble was Qaitbay Haiga of the steed.

Visit Sultan Qaitbay of Alexandria was the noteworthy visit in light of the fact that the Alex from the rule of Sultan Nasir-advertisement Din Faraj Mafeesh Sultan went by. Ashraf Shaaban was gone to Alexandria in 1365 at the leader of the armed force after they assaulted the lord of Cyprus, Pierre de Osenan (Peter I) of the city in the offense moves known as "the Battle of Alexandria" and had violin time and salary in the parade of the year 1369, and in the year 1411 had Nasser Faraj Woody was the last time to visit the Sultan of Egypt city of Alexandria.

Sat Qaitbay in Alexandria took after Thiam and went by merchants and notables and play with Orhan Alammera and asserted a spot Elly was the Lighthouse of Alexandria Elly was of the seven marvels of the world and is Beni Tower Kan started to Us "tower" Elly stayed obscure Qaitbay mansion.

After what Qaitbay went by Alexandria and requested Bbna mansion voyaged Adco and Damanhour and different urban areas in Egypt and Cairo returned following an excursion kept going forty days and mountain Castle salary.

Prior to the Battle of Alexandria was only a condition of Bicherv them and to however after Aelloukah Elly Azbpt in monetary demolish extensive Atholt Alexandria For Bagmha Naib sake of the Sultan and remained the throne of the sultan. Be that as it may, Franks on the ALEXANDRIA what Anthtc assaults were mediating hours their vessels and water crafts captured business and individuals on the shorelines and Atardt Alex de assaults as in the rule of Sultan Qaitbay and from here was the significance of Fort ensure us

Vestibule stronghold spread over curves in the ocean off the shoreline of the château

In July 1479 he asserted the Qaitbay ALEXANDRIA Tani however de time pay from the ocean by pontoon in light of the fact that the security of flooding of the Nile Delta were secured and what Atamelc parade. Rouhanh Alex de time was Ashan demonstrates the manor Elly Atbnt and after they went to the Rashid and take a gander at the Fort Tanih was requested Bbnaha there and returned Alex guaranteed he went by the mansion Elly loaded up an excellent shape. Batqal us that the palace Aktar expense of 100,000 dinars and I bargain out of Awqaf
Vestibule of the manor, we receive the curves in the ocean Bimitd from the coast up to then, and Atbnt the control point can control water crafts Franks for a separation of "a day's trip." Adopt in the mansion and the mosque Bataktab factory and furnace and stores and Atahtt with weapons and firearms all around, prepared to hit the day and night to keep the section Askar Franks came and Alexandria. Qaitbay selected Prince Qansouh Mohammadi," leader of the Lashkar-e-stronghold and known as the "Qansouh Tower
After sat Qaitbay in Alexandria and also the day and Atmn manor Desouk he voyaged and went by the 
hallowed place of Sidi Ibrahim Dessouky