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اخر الاخبار

Archaeological Museum (Tourism Alexandria)

The possibility of ​​hosting the Museum of Antiquities in Alexandria Library Cultural Complex when it was found various interesting ancient rarities going back to the period of Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine, as a major aspect of the unearthing work has begun before the foundation of the library in this area

The Archeological Museum is one of only a handful couple of historical centers on the planet that showcases ancient rarities were found in the same spot show

It was formally opened the exhibition hall in October 16, 2002. Its gathering has been painstakingly mirrored the historical backdrop of Egypt and the rich multicultural and spilling over the Pharaonic, Greek and Romanian societies, Coptic and Islamic, with an emphasis on Alexandria and the Hellenistic period. The gallery contains 1133 displays outstandingly the accompanying two

Ancient rarities found amid uncovering work at the site of the library (1993-1995)

Impacts lifted from the base of the Mediterranean Sea close to the eastern port in Abu Qir Bay range

The historical center was set up in 2001 to advance exploration and development through different projects and exercises. It deals with the meaning of guests of various times of the historical backdrop of Egypt, and to instruct youngsters and youngsters socially by giving an assortment of instructive projects

The gallery has been outlined in a current style with the most recent inside configuration strategies, for example, cutting edge optic lighting to suit presentations, frameworks and putting out fires frameworks and burglary. The French dialect was added as of late to clarify every one of the cards beside the gallery segments in Arabic and English to serve all guests to the historical center

The site of the Museum of Antiquities, which enrolled the database incorporates about a thousand ancient rarity is the first of its kind in Egypt; as far as presentation of the vast majority of its accumulation to people in general on the Internet in Arabic, English and French. Where the client can enter through the site on any of the areas of the exhibition hall and read the chronicled and masterful period in which every one of the pieces in plain view have a place with those segments presentation, trailed by a point by point and smooth presentation of the most imperative archeological pieces in plain view division. They can likewise guests to 
the site to do inventive visit inside the gallery lobbies
Bibliotheca Alexandrina Museum corridors comprises of various flawless figures speaking to various periods: the Pharaonic, Greek-Romanian, Coptic and Islamic. Those statues showed observer to the inventiveness of Egyptian craftsmen all through history

The showcase those statues, truth be told, notwithstanding, is an extraordinary thought since it gives guests the library last sense. Lobbies of the exhibition hall contains 1079 relics recount to us about the narrative of Egypt since ancient until the Islamic period. Give us papers papyrus Greek and Latin writing, and various statues and the heads of statues delineating old logicians and essayists

Notwithstanding a ton of themes that have been connected with character and ceramics pieces that light up our kin's every day lives. There are additionally bits of present day revelations of indented landmarks in the antiquated port city is likewise in the Alexandria Library Museum