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اخر الاخبار

Amr ibn al-Aas mosque archaeological (ancient Egypt)

Mosque of Amr ibn al-As. Worked in the city of Fustat, established by Muslims in Egypt after the open. It was likewise called the mosque of triumph and the old mosque and the crown of mosques. Mosque of Amr Ibn al-east of the Nile is situated at longitude 311 359 east, and at scope 30 037 North
Taking into account the Islamic Network: «The space joined time of its foundation 50 cubits 30 cubits and has six entryways, and remained so until the year 53 AH/672 AD, where progressive extensions and including the zone of ​​Muslim receptacle Immortalized Ansari and to Egypt by Muawiyah and set up the four minarets, They went on changes and developments from that point because of the ruled Egypt until they achieved the zone after the persistent development of operations about twenty-four thousand arm modeler ,. It is currently 120 in the 110-meter
Amid the campaign on the Muslim terrains, particularly the year 564 AH, the clergyman Schauer feared the control of the Crusaders for the city of Fustat have turned to light the flares as he was not able safeguard and smoldered Fustat was blazed and in this way subvert and demolish Amr Ibn El-Aas Mosque. At the point when Saladin Egypt joined to the state, it requested the recreation of the mosque of the new year 568 AH, was re-discharged form a mosque huge marble mihrab, which Casey and engraved engravings, including his  
 Is the mosque of Amr ibn al-Aas one of antiquated Egypt (21 AH - 641) first grounds lived when Muslims and the gathering Friday supplications in Egypt, worked by the hero Omar ibn al-Aas 21 H/641-42, and was then the director of the Nile, and it was 50 cubits in length and 30 cubits, and brushes his territory with rock the top of palm leaves, carried on shafts from the trunks of palm trees, without making him a plate, and did not make him a minaret and asylum empty or stage. The Mosque in each of the three east-west, ocean and Baban viewpoints

His energy has expanded in the territory of ​​many governors and rulers, Muslim canister deified them (672-673m), and the apple receptacle accomplice who torn down and started to construct (711-712) and the most recent in which the mihrab empty. Furthermore, enter a Muslim mosque on the primary minaret, and expanded Saleh Bin Ali four experts (750-51). In 212 AH - 827 requested Abdullah container Taher and to Egypt by the Caliph Mamoun grow the mosque, adding the area to the goals of the West End, this expand Isa canister more full than Aljloda. In the consequence of a flame Mosque (888 m) it is Khumarawaih Bamarth and refurbishing all the more purposefully comprehensive. In the year 988 AD is the Caliph Aziz Billah bubbling activity, which under the vault of cash and wood roofs encompassing the house because of al-Maqdisi Alatroha. The fittest mosque in the times of the decision request of God (997) reestablishing the egg-white and take off a large number of the mosaic dividers and white spot, as the decision is additionally including Roakin of the mosque

The repair work has advanced after some time the mosque, in the year 558 AH-1172m amid the rule of Sultan Saladin, the colossal new mosque was issued and the mihrab and Vulture and painted with the new name and the whites of the mosque and the fittest marble. In the year 696 AH - 1268 Rulsr ten edge of recharged tribal Iwan on the dish and the new chairman of new egg mosque. In the year 687 AH-1288m is Prince Sultan Mansur Kalawoon Azzedine Alofaram design of the mosque. In the year 702 AH = 1302-1303m in the wake of Abdul Malik quake rule of al-Nasir Muhammad to the Prince Salar Vice Sultanate recreation of the mosque exhaustive Tamiera The most essential work that the ocean divider part of the pulverization of the back of the mosque caught between the eastern segment of the marine build the Oriental toward the east and the beacon developing toward the west and after that revamped. At that point came President Burhanuddin receptacle Omar Building Prime brokers Egypt in the year 804 AH/1401-1402m. In this design it didn't stick with it of what he has done Abdullah canister Tahir. In the year 876 AH - 1481 Omar Mosque of Sultan Bey
At that point came the Prince Murat you're building Year 1212 e - 1797, Vosaleh engineering of the mosque and the general population of Mayor eggs and new rooftop and sprinkled stock and remarked jellyfish has he demonstrated this recharging on the four boards marble. Mosque was the fittest in the time of Muhammad Ali and reestablished the Friday supplications. In 1899 the Office of Religious Endowments recharge rooftop Iwan tribal and some western Iwan and raised dividers and brush land tiles.In 1940 the Commission for the Conservation of Arab Monuments far reaching change of the mosque, was uncovered over the span of the few sections of archeological work at the mosque, and Eastern Kobwabh three of the four entryways with side-west, has been engraved on a Mahraben