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اخر الاخبار

Alexandria City Centre (Alexandria city )

Strategically placed on the Cairo Alexandria Desert Rd., Alexandria inverse through the International Park Alexandria City Center is 15 minutes from the focal point of Almedinh.vtan shopping destination sights in January 2003 to give its clients a remarkable sort of shopping and amusement experience. The inside has as of late finished a huge augmentation program, which has expanded the aggregate number of retail locations in
the shopping center from 97 to more than 160, spread exchanging 60 454 square meters
give all the different items in one spot, including (fish, pastry kitchen, arranged sustenances, attire and even hardware), while keeping up the simplicity of shopping.

immense zones of the business sector

More than 55,000 unique items

immense tracts of free stopping

the best sorts of items and the most reduced costs

Preparing of youthful ability to adjust the most recent administration rehearses keeping in mind the end goal to achieve worldwide gauges of value and access to the best level of administration in the field of extensive markets